celebrating the end of standardized testing, ice cream with everything please

Done and Done with Standardized Testing

celebrating the end of standardized testing, ice cream with everything please

My kids have been in the middle of standardized testing for the last two weeks, and I am feeling so grateful that today is the last day of it!

We are definitely going to have to celebrate!

I think a little ice cream party is in order this afternoon. Sprinkles, cones, toppings and the like.

I especially feel for my kids’ teachers during testing time, because it is perhaps the most stressful couple weeks of the school year. I made a special point of finding Simon’s teacher to give her a little love after the first graders finished testing last week. Because first grade students and standardized testing, HELLO!

The signs of testing have been playing out in our car rides home from school every afternoon. Fights and tears seem to break out before we’ve even pulled away from the curb.  It has not been pretty.

I can relate to their anxiousness though, because I have always been a horrible test taker.  I would get so stressed out about tests that I could hardly function. My mom recently found this letter I wrote to her from school on a standardized testing day in 1984 that had us in hysterics.

Just for fun, I thought I would share with you this small glimpse into my slightly OCD grade school self. Maybe it will make you want to hug a student or a teacher today!

letter on standardized testing day in 1984

It’s REALLY important to have plenty of pencils and erasers on testing day!


  1. Love it! How precious,,,,and to know that your Mom saved that letter to share with you, when your children were taking the tests….hoping they took extra pencils and erasers to share!

    1. She saved ALL my letters, Debbie, and we are having too much fun going through them! 🙂

  2. Good thing you took care of that lunch switch-up. WHEW. 🙂

    1. That IS a relief!!

  3. Haha! Man, I’m so glad your mom kept your notes!

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