Chasing Daylight in July: Part 1 (The Lakes)

Chasing Daylight in July has been all about being outside with friends and family.

Some of the those days have been drop dead gorgeous.

But most of them have seen at least a few hours of rain.

However, the weather has not stopped us from making the most of our kids’ short summer holidays.

As soon as school was out, we headed straight for this darling cottage in the Lake District.

I’ve loved the Lake District something fierce ever since we first visited two years ago, and after walking Wainwright’s Coast to Coast last year, I feel like I’ve left a little part of my heart somewhere on the fells.

So when some dear friends of ours asked us if we wanted to share a house this summer in the Lake District, we jumped at the opportunity to wander this wonderland again.

We made lots of new discoveries along the way, as well as rediscovering a few happy truths.

We remembered that you’re never too old to play Pooh Sticks.


Or to climb trees.

And that you don’t have to wait for the sun to spend a day out on the lake.


Paddles still work in the rain.


And kids will swim no matter what the temperatures are.

We discovered that our kids are so much more eager to go for long hikes when they have friends along.


Especially when gorgeous cream teas are waiting around every corner in the village.

We remembered that no matter how much food you make, six children will manage to eat it all.

Treats included.

We spent our days walking around lakes and up hills in search of views like these.


We had our best weather on our last day, so we saved our big climb for this day: Scafell Pike. At 978 meters (3209 feet), it is the highest mountain in England. Its first ascender was Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

I was a little sad that it was our last day in the Lakes, so I took loads of photos of this walk.


There was a scramble up the side of a waterfall on the route we chose.             

The kids were ahead of us all day, amazing me with their sure steps and quick climbing.





We reached the top sometime in the afternoon, well after lunch, but Taido had saved cookies and treats, so we had a little celebration while taking in the the world around us.


I’m always a little envious as I pick my way down the mountain to see the kids break out in a full tilt run. 

They reached the bottom well before me.

Taido drove them on back so they could be first in the showers and ready for dinner.

I made everyone stop for one last family photo as we walked down the lane to the pub for our last night.

We were all laughs and giggles as we ended our dreamy week in The Lakes.

And the next morning as we drove away from our darling cottage and sweet friends, I might have shed a tear or two.

But the next adventure was just around the corner.


  1. I don’t think I know any adjectives that will do this post justice.

    And where’s Cole?

    1. That’s exactly how I feel about the Lake District, Suzy!

      Cole is in Arkansas for the summer. There were MANY times on this trip I had to take a minute in the bathroom and mourn for his not being there. I know he would have loved it, but he is climbing his own mountains back home! 🙂

      1. I forgot that he’s here in Arkansas. I just knew the pictures didn’t look complete without him!

  2. I’m just in awe! What an incredible, incredible opportunity.

    1. So beautiful Debbie! I’m ready to host the next Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference in the Lake District! 🙂 Heehee.

  3. So lovely! Every time I see pictures like this I remember why I want to travel. These pictures are gorgeous but I bet nothing beats standing there and taking it all in in person. Reminds me of my trip to Yellowstone.

    1. Thanks so much! So true! I LOVE Yellowstone!! We passed through there twice on an epic road trip in 2008. So. Much. Amazing. What a beautiful world we live in!

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