Beginning Grateful

Beginning Grateful

I made some goals last week.

Today when I look at them, they just seem sort of comical.

Almost as comical as my Christmas tree still glowing in the corner.

But one of those small commitments was to be grateful every day.

And to be grateful in this venue (the blog) on Mondays.

One of the ways I know God is real is that when I ask at the end of a weary day that He would show me what to thank Him for,

He reveals to my heart the gifts I don’t have the eyes to see.

What is there to be grateful for on a day when a young life has ended?

When precious friends have lost a son, a grandson and a father,

God, what do we thank you for on this day?

These were the answers that came whispering, gentle.

Being present for the miracle of watching a dear friend affirm God’s faithfulness in the midst of such loss.

A precious sixteen year old who is willing to give up her day at a moment’s notice to hang out with my kids.

A man’s hands matching and folding two baskets of socks.

A mother who has walked this same, hard road of losing a child bringing the kind of comfort that can only come from someone who has been there.

Someone yesterday asked me where the signs and wonders are?

These gifts are signs and I wonder at them.

In the days ahead, I will continue to ask for eyes to see them.


  1. Oh thank you for this. “Give me eyes to see.” That almost could be my theme for 2011.

  2. I really like this too, “Give me eyes to see”! I am intrigued by the book you referred to. I read the first chapter online but I am wondering how “heavy” it is? If I am ready to read it? I have some grief issues and don’t know if I want to stir anything up.

    P.S. Our tree is still up too! Waiting for Epiphany on Thursday.

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  5. Got my Christmas stuff put away today…Whew.

  6. I love this post, Alison. I love the reminder. Prayers abound for your community tonight.

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