Today my only girl is 13.

She has grown up so much in the last year, and yet I still have so much I want her to know.

I want her to dream bigger-than-life dreams but I want her to stay close to me.

I am alternately bursting with pride in the young woman she is becoming and rolling my eyes at the stubborn teen that is all huffs and sass.

I am incredibly thankful for her.

Mary Polly’s actual birthday will be pretty low key because we have planned a grand adventure to which she and I are counting down the days.

A dream come true.

And as dream trips tend to do, I hope it will spur on in her a wanderlust that will take her to faraway places on her own.

I hope she will go…

There and back again.

To share her stories with me.


  1. Tell her I’m thinking about her and wish her Happy Birthday. Love that precious girl!!!!

  2. Love this girl. Love that every year we share a special date on the calendar. Can’t wait for your adventure and especially can’t wait to hear ALL ABOUT IT.

    Happy happy birthday, MP!

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