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Walking and Eating in Venice

Walking and Eating in Venice with Walks of Italy I think that you plan a trip to Venice because you’ve seen how gorgeous it is in pictures and in films. And when you go, the canals, bridges and alleys of Venice will totally fulfill your expectations by being as enchanting as you always imagined. But another reason …

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Snapshots of Venice, Italy

Me to Taido in October: Oh my goodness. Direct flights to Venice from Stuttgart are less than $20 right now! What do you think? Christmas in Italy. We could surprise the kids! Taido: Let’s do it.  (My husband is a man of few words.) It’s funny how many of our trips have begun with an exchange like …

Vaporetto #1 in Venice, Italy

I am sharing photos of Venice for Instagram Travel Thursday this week! All of these images were taken from the front seat of Vaporetto #1, which is a water bus that runs along The Grand Canal. I’m not sure any place gets the kind of reaction that Venice does on Instagram. Instantly recognizable, the floating …

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Snapshots of the Campanile in Venice, Italy

Visiting The Campanile in Venice, Italy When you’re walking in dream-like Venice, there is not a single moment in which you do not want to snap a photo.  Every doorway and window.  Each little bridge or canal. Venice is breathtaking at every turn. You have to force yourself out from behind your camera to take …

Doge’s Palace, Venice, Italy

A Visit to The Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy This post is part of a continuing series about a Mediterranean Cruise I took with my thirteen year old daughter in the fall of 2012.  After wandering the city of Venice for several hours, we visited The Doge’s Palace. Overlooking the Grand Canal, Doge’s Palace was …

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Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy: A Few First Impressions This post is part of a continuing series about a Mediterranean Cruise I took with my thirteen year old daughter in the fall of 2012.  Today I am talking about Venice! You’ve seen Venice in movies, pictures and books all of your life, but still, there is nothing quite …

Venice, Italy

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Venice was our last stop on our anniversary trip to Italy in 2004.  It’s one of those places you see pictures of all your life, but you cannot even believe it is real when you get there.

It is decadent and glorious and everything you could imagine.  Even in December.

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December 9, 2004

Venice Italy

Where do I even begin?

Venice is absolutely breathtaking.  The whole city is just oozing elegance.  From the very first moments on Vaporetto #1, I have been in awe.

Like a great maze, there is a treasure around every corner, a beautiful church, shops full of every possible color of glass and marbled paper, bright and elaborate masks, bridges, market stalls and gondolas.  I have waked around in a dazed dream-like state.

Yesterday we just walked and walked and walked.  We had the most wonderful sandwiches and cicchetti (Italian tapas) which we ate on a bridge.  We went to San Marco and just stood there in the square.

We went back today to tour the cathedral and we took our time because I was enamored with every detail.  The whole inside of the building was covered in mosaics and the pieces are tiny!  When I got up close to them I could not believe all the tiny little quarter inch tiles.

My favorite mosaic was the one of Jesus sitting on the throne ruling His kingdom.  Our guidebook said that Jesus was commonly pictured like this (instead of on a cross) in Byzantine cultures.  I bought a postcard of this mosaic to remember Jesus this way–Sovereign over all, his hands stretched out in front of him, welcoming.  Not to worry.  He’s handling all things.

lovely venice travel picture collage, italy, beautiful

At the moment, Mary Polly and I are traveling Europe by Mediterranean Cruise.  You can keep up with us while we are gone on twitter, instagram and facebook!