Summer Grateful

airport goodbye, chinos to scotland
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Yesterday I dropped Taido at the airport and now he’s in Scotland.

Just like that.

So, I Guess This Means We’re Really Moving.

The kids and I leave in a week, so we are soaking up the end of the summer at the lake with our cousins.

This summer has been full to the brim of wonderful, and I am trying to hold each little detail in my heart.  Treasures to carry on my journey.

So. Very. Grateful.

Here are a few highlights of our summer:

summer 2013, summer grateful

almost daily trips to the pool

walks around the lake

days at the Boultinghouse farm

precious time with friends: on the road, at church, at events, at lunch, at breakfast, at the pool, at the lake, in the midst of packing tubs at my house

singing through tears on Sunday mornings at church

Colorado Summer 2013, Summer Grateful

Adventures in Colorado

Summer Food, Summer Grateful

yummy summer food

harvesting tomatoes, squash, purple hull peas and okra

drinks with friends

Summer Grateful, Summer Feeding Program, Good Eats

Ben and Mary Polly serving at Good Eats (summer feeding program at church)

summer camps

trips to and from Chicago

lots of milestone birthday celebrations


practicing gratefulness with my small group

cards full of kind words

bittersweet goodbyes


What are the moments in your summer you are most grateful for?




  1. Every moment with you. They will be a treasure that I hold close until we meet again. Loves.

  2. Webjet is wishing you the best for your move to Scotland! Safe travels for you and your family 🙂 It sounds like you had an amazing summer and we look forward to reading about all your new adventures across the pond!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenna!

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