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Chasing Daylight in December: Stories of Hope

December Stories of Hope
Migrants crowd as they wait to cross the Croatian border. Photograph: Marko Djurica/Reuters

Imagine if one day I was sitting in my house back in Arkansas and I saw on television that thousands and thousands of refugees were fleeing their country from a war somewhere in South America? And they were flooding into Mexico, hoping to get to the USA. But the border between Mexico and Texas was closed? And the leadership of my government was saying, Keep them out.

But then on the television, I could see footage of a camp growing along the border. Faces of sweet children and their mamas flashing across my screen. Stories of daughters whose fathers were killed by an army fueled by hatred.

Imagine what if?

Would I sit there and stare at the screen and wish that I could do something? Would I agonize that these folks who were just a few hours away from me were sleeping on the ground while I crawled into my warm bed?

I might give some money online. I might say a prayer. But would I wake up the next day and remember again that just across the border, there were people desperate to escape an endless cycle of violence?

What if I were sitting in my living room with three of my friends and wishing I could do something? What if we started talking about what we could do?

Would we maybe just decide to get in the car with whatever we could think of and take off to see how we could help? Would we maybe throw our instruments in back of the car? Because whatever else happened, one of us would remember that music always brings joy.

What I’ve just described is exactly how four guys from the Czech Republic found themselves singing to refugees and working at the closed border between Serbia and Croatia.

December Stories of Hope, Chasing Daylight, World Vision UK

Recently I met a couple of guys from World Vision named Henry and Johan. They are based in London at World Vision UK, but are often out of the office collecting stories and information in the places where World Vision is working. I joined some other bloggers last month in London to listen to Henry and Johan tell stories about visiting the border between Serbia and Croatia.

While they were talking, they described these four guys from the Czech Republic who showed up while they were there.

After seeing the images on TV, they decided to just go.

They showed up with their instruments. They played music. They played ball. They danced with kids.

They pitched in wherever they could see a need.

They showed up and helped.

They made people smile.

They brought hope + joy.

Join in this story of HOPE!

Watch the video that World Vision UK made while they were there.

Read what Johan wrote about the needs of refugees as winter arrives.

Give towards the winter needs for refugees.

PS. I am super grateful to World Vision UK for the opportunity to be a part of #FarFromHome in London last month and to YHA St Paul’s for giving me a cozy bed for the night while I was down!


  1. Love the way you wrote this, Alison! Here’s my much shorter version! The first one was about Salah, the previous week. And yes, what a privilege it was to attend that day. I was really inspired and heartened. Lovely to meet you there too. Sx

    1. Thank you so much! It was so lovely to meet you as well!! Very grateful for the opportunity!! Will pop over and read yours too!! XOXO

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