Memphis Zoo

memphis zoo

We went to the Memphis Zoo on for the day on Monday.

I am telling you. This zoo is worth the drive from Little Rock.

We belonged to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle when we lived there and what I loved about joining was that once I joined, the zoo became a completely free experience for us. So we went a lot, packed our own lunch, and didn’t always have to see every single animal. It is one of my great Seattle memories, one that I frequently shared with my friend, Laura, who was alongside me nursing a baby on the park bench in front of the penguins. (I miss her terribly!)

Anyway, being at the Memphis Zoo reminded me of our wonderful Seattle zoo, because it had the same feel. It has exquisite landscaping and you can have a picnic in one of many cozy shady spots.

Highlights of the Memphis Zoo

The panda bears, of course…Mary polly’s new love and passion. We got a book on endangered pandas, And have been reading Eric Carle’s book, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? since we got back.  Mary Polly has a stuffed panda that she has been carrying everywhere with her since we got home. She spent most of yesterday morning foraging for bamboo for Mulan, the panda.

The siamangs…they sang for us!

Komodo dragons…Ben’s favorite. he somehow missed it our first time around (probably due to cole’s being “lost” for a while and interrupting our animal viewing.  Ben talked Mother into taking him all the way back to the other side of the zoo to see the komodos.

Giraffe feeding at 1:30 by very informative and very eccentric giraffe keeper.

Polar bears…we sat in the air conditioning (after all day walking around in the heat) and watched them swim. How can something so big be so graceful? It was so soothing that Ben laid down on the bench and fell asleep. Dreamy polar bears.

What’s your favorite zoo??

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