Meet Me In Paris?

Paris, Eiffel Tower, Backpacker Steve, Meet Me In Paris
Photo by Steve Hänisch

Y’all, let me be honest for a second.

I spend a seriously sick number of hours planning trips that might not ever even happen.

Just last week I did a ton of research for a camping trip to the Isle of Skye that we canceled because of A) rain and B) grumpy teenagers.

Since we’ve moved to Europe, I’m all THE WORLD IS AT OUR FINGERTIPS!

And Taido is like, Honey, we don’t have to fit all three years of traveling into our first three months here.

But still.  There are worlds to discover.

Sometimes I plan that we will all six take a ferry to Ireland and climb Benbulben.

Other days I focus on smaller excursions with just one or two of the kids.  You know, the happy ones.

Or I think that if I can get one of those teens alone on a long and winding road that they will soften a little and enjoy the ride.

But sometimes I dream about getting away…with just girls.

Ok not sometimes. A lot.

I have some girlfriends. And I miss them.

I’m pretty sure they miss me too.

Most of them have NEVER BEEN TO EUROPE. (Gasp!)

So when the apartment rental website, Go With Oh, announced that they were doing a blogger contest and the prize would be one of their European Apartment Rentals, I very quickly made the jump to APARTMENT IN PARIS + MY GIRLFRIENDS = HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Ok, maybe not happily ever after, because we all know that I will start planning the next trip as soon as I get home, BUT, remember that time that I went with 11 of my besties on a cruise to Mexico?

Let’s all just stop for a minute and imagine transplanting that crazy mess to Paris, shall we?

Movies could be made from the material we would create.

I can see it now.  Mercedes + Stormy Take Paris!

Go With Oh Paris Apartment, Meet Me In Paris

We would definitely need this gorgeous apartment.Go With Oh Paris Apartment, Meet Me In Paris

It would hold six of us, which honestly, is about all I could get to invest in the plane tickets.

Go With Oh Paris Apartment, Meet Me In Paris

We would go in February or March when tickets are cheap and the museums are empty-ish.

Go With Oh Paris Apartment, Meet Me In Paris

We would roam the city streets, most certainly get lost, have adventures and laugh hysterically.

Go with Oh Paris 05

If this sounds like more fun than you can possibly stand and you want in on this Paris party, leave a comment telling me so!  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll make it happen whether I win the apartment or not.

But it would certainly help, yo!

Photos of Paris Apartment from Go With Oh.  Photo of the Eiffel Tower, from Backpacker Steve.


  1. Just reading this post makes me feel like packing my bags, and learning a couple of new karaoke songs!! Paris?? Are you kidding me??

    1. I cannot WAIT to hear the new songs!!!

  2. You just tell me when and I am so there. I might start packing now, just in case.

    1. I think y’all should go ahead and have a meeting about it!

  3. Me too, Whitney! And Melany, I wonder what the French is for “I like big butts…”

    1. j’aime de grands bouts et je ne peux pas mentir

      1. CRACKING. ME. UP!

  4. I wasn’t part of the cruise group, but I am the best museum buddy. Really, the BEST.

    1. All girls are welcome in the WOO! (Women of the Ocean) BRING IT!

  5. Sounds great!

    1. Pack your bags because we’re going somewhere for sure!

  6. We don’t really know each other, but hopefully we’ll get to meet soon! 😉 Oh, how I love a girl’s getaway! My last one was last April and what a treat!! I’m in need of another!! Count me in!

    1. Would so LOVE to connect on a girls’ trip! That would be the best!

  7. Oh heaven help me, I’ve fallen in love with an orange fridge!! Thanks for sharing the thoughts and the pictures. Of course, now this means I’ll get absolutely NO work done this afternoon as I, too, am mentally planning a girls’ outing to Paris. *le sigh*

    1. The orange fridge really is delightful! If you plan one, please invite me!

      1. Will do, Alison! When I travel, my motto is, the more, the merrier! Plus, it means someone will be there to carry me home after a few too many proseccos…

  8. Croissants, berets, French people… heck yeh. Plus Sarabeth already told me that she is going to plan a mission trip to Europe. French people need Jesus too. Count me in!

    1. Sounds perfect to me!!

  9. A girl’s trip to Paris would be the MOST FUN! I love the whole apartment rental over hotel, makes you feel like you are more connected to the city.

    1. I totally agree! Meals around a table and hanging out in an apartment is so much more fun than hotel rooms!

  10. Thanks so much for the love!! We wish you luck 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! We would rock that apartment for sure. In a non-destructive way of course. 🙂

  11. Love this! But only if I can join you..

    1. Bring it on! We need you for sure! You can live tweet the whole crazy mess!

  12. Paris would do me well I think! I have always dreamed of the Mediterranean but could be persuaded otherwise 😉

    1. I’m happy to go to the Mediterranean too, Stephanie! I bet we can find an apartment there. 🙂

  13. Paris with the WOO would be WOOnderful!

    1. Wouldn’t it, though? I get a little giddy just picturing it!

  14. you know I would be there in a heartbeat!! xoxo

    1. Paris has been calling you for a long time, Jerusalem. It’s way past time for you to go. 🙂

      1. Paris!!!!The Eiffel Tower!!!! The Mona Lisa!!! Seeing Alison Chino!!!! I will be there if at all possible!!! Love you!

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