LiNK, Liberty in North Korea, Ten Dollar Tuesday

LiNK {Ten Dollar Tuesday}

I’ve been super excited about sharing this week’s nonprofit because I’ve been following this organization with some excitement since reading Escape from Camp 14, a true story about a North Korean boy who escaped first from a North Korean prison camp and then later from the country.


LiNK, Liberty in North Korea, Ten Dollar Tuesday


LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) is an organization based in California that is working

To redefine North Korea by focusing on the the people while rescuing and providing resettlement support to North Korean refugees and pursing an end to the North Korea Crisis.

So much of the media about North Korea is hopeless and discouraging.  The current campaign at LiNK is called Shift, and it’s all about changing the focus of the public rhetoric about North Korea to the actual people instead of nuclear weapons.

Here’s a video about this campaign. (Every view brings in 25 cents from an anonymous donor, so watch it and then share it!)

This hopeful, people-centered approach to freedom in North Korea is bringing light to my world.  If, like me, you feel completely oppressed after reading almost anything about North Korea, you should definitely subscribe to get your news about the country from LiNK, and consider adding your voice to Shift.

I have also set up a fundraising page, where you can join me in donating to LiNK.  I set a goal of $2500 because that is how much it costs to bring freedom to one North Korean person.  That’s amazing to think about to me.  One person’s freedom for $2500.  Honestly, that seems kind of cheap.

Also, recently adding her voice to the conversation about her native country is North Korean Hyeonseo Lee in her eloquent debut on the TED stage.

My kids have gotten to hear me talk and read about North Korea A LOT in the last month or so, so we watched this beautiful talk together.

I hope you watch or read something new about North Korea today that gives you hope!

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