Pierre Hermes Macaron, Macaroon, Paris, In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline: March

Pierre Hermes Macaron, Macaroon, Paris, In The Pipeline

Bonjour Mes Amis!

I have have just returned from Paris where I spent the week with my mom and sister eating ALL THE THINGS.

I am still full.

Full of gorgeous pastries.

Full of rich sauces.

Full of new experiences.

Now my mom and I are back in Scotland, where we are taking long walks and then warming up with hot water bottles, blankets and many cups of tea.

I’ll be sharing Paris photos next week, so stick around. But for the moment, here are a few links I’ve been saving!

I’ve been a guest on many of my favorite websites lately, which is SUCH a delight!

I wrote a Love Letter to Scotland for Sarah’s blog, and I talked about Getting Outside on my friend Jerusalem’s website.

I got to host links for Sarah at Yes and Yes while she’s in Mexico. SO FUN!

And I’m so grateful to have been included in this list of family bloggers to follow.

So those are all the ME!ME!ME! links. Now here are some of my other favorite corners of the internet this month:

This podcast is old, but I just found it and now I’m obsessed with this guy who writes 100 songs a day. (And the sheer genius of working the internet to his advantage!)

One of my favorite travel bloggers has released a storytelling class and he wrote this great reminder as an intro! Such good stuff for writers.

I think this beer and biking tour in Belgium looks super fun. Sign me up!

I think I’m going to make these happy grapefruit and avocado bowls sometimes super soon.

A list of better questions for small talk! YES PLEASE!

You already know I’m a big fan of purposeless walking. Walking just for the sake of walking is a big part of my life.

I went to China almost twenty years ago and I was so curious then about how China’s one child policy was going to affect the future of a nation. So I found this article very fascinating.

That’s it for me folks. I hope you have a great weekend. It’s supposed to rain here in Aberdeen (shocker) but I’m keeping an eye out for spring!




(Shameless self-promotion plug below!)

I’m always looking for new ways for readers to keep up with my blog. Of course you can subscribe to every post by email, but did you know that you can also put a little icon on your phone so you don’t forget to check in for new posts? (Hint: You can actually do this for ANY website!)

In The Pipeline

Click that little square box on the bottom of your screen when you are on the website in Safari.

In The Pipeline

The box will pull up selections on your phone and you can choose “Add to Home Screen.”

In The Pipeline, Icons on your phone

Then your phone will ask you if you want to add it. Go for it!

In The Pipeline, iPhone screens, adding websites to your home screen

Then VOILA! There’s a cute little square with some hiking boots in it that will always take you straight to my website.

I actually do this for all my favorite blogs and websites. Then I put them in one folder on my phone, so if I’m waiting somewhere, I have something to read instead of just refreshing social media apps.

Thanks so much for reading my blog!! I appreciate it so much!




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