Grateful for Hope

Grateful for Hope on Maundi Thursday!

We studied Isaiah 60 in Bible Study Fellowship this week.

Isaiah 60 is all about hope and light.

Hope for our future.

Peace for today.

I’m so grateful for how the study of Jesus as our future light and present hope coincided with rejoicing at Jesus’ entry on Palm Sunday and the following events of Holy Week.

In Isaiah 60, God promises His people that one day they will not need the sun to shine on them, because His glory will provide all the light they need.  It will make them radiant.

Their hearts will swell with joy.

The gates of their city will never close.

I have looked on and sat in darkness this week.

I have seen faces without hope, without a trace of joy.

I have seen lots of doors closed.

I try to imagine Jesus’ glory so bright that it will outshine the sun.

I know that my brain cannot envision it,

but the trying is making me thankful today.

a few other gifts from the list this week:

a sea of waving branches on Palm Sunday

walking during soccer practice

the contrast between a raging storm and a quiet drizzle



electricity, and how the lack of it makes me remember to appreciate it

a borrowed car

sun setting over the soccer fields

fresh farm eggs, delivered to my door by a friend

an open home with electricity while ours was without

grilled vegetables

rides to soccer

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