Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW

WIWW: Grandmother’s Treasures

I haven’t done a What I Wore Wednesday post since before my Grandmother died at the beginning of December.

I think that might partly be because my Grandmother was one of the only people in the world who cared whether or not I showed up for all of life in jeans and a t-shirt.

Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW

Actually it would have been ok with my Grandmother if jeans had never been invented.  (Perish the thought!)  Jeans were the epitome of casual to my Grandmother, and the fact that I wore them weekly to church growing up was one of life’s small agonies for her.

Let’s not even talk about jeans with holes.

If I did take the time and effort to put myself together to go and meet my Grandmother, she would always notice.  I could always count on her for a compliment.

Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW

One of the many therapeutic activities we did over Christmas was to go through Grandmother’s clothes, shoes and jewelry.  Every grandchild, every cousin, even lots of close friends chose keepsakes from Grandmother’s boxes of possessions.  She really did love clothes, and she loved all kinds of beads even more.

Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW

We each wore something of hers to her funeral.

Since then, whenever I get dressed, and especially on Sundays, I often grab something of hers to add.  These pictures are a collection of some of Grandmother’s treasures that I am wearing these days to try to keep her close.

Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW

Pearls, a beaded handbag, a scarf, a sweater, Mary Jane Keens.

Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW, Mary Jane Keens

Grandmother loved Keens.  She felt that they were both comfortable and trendy, and she would go regularly to the funky Ozark Outdoor shop in Little Rock to see what they had new in the way of Keens.

Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW

I have also been carrying her handkerchiefs.  They have come in very handy when I am missing her.

Grandmother's Treasures, WIWW, old hankerchiefs

Which is still so very often.




  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s nice that you have such fashionable reminders.

  2. I love you. And your precious grandmother. And these beautiful things of hers that you have now.

  3. Thank you for thoughts of your grandmother…and for taking us into places your heart can only take us…
    Although I only met her once, it was delight-filled!
    Thinking of and praying for YOU!

    C. Roper

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