Five Favorites of 2009

Every year I choose my five best books, a few favorites out of all the books I read. 

It was hard to narrow it down.

So…here goes!

Ok, The Willoughbys is a children’s book, but I read A LOT of children’s books so I had choose at least one.  I have made all the adults in my family read this though and everyone agrees.  Not to be missed.

I read Warriors Don’t Cry after accompanying Mary Polly’s class to Central High.

I almost killed my book club with The Heaven Tree, but this book is worth every single one of it’s 900 pages.  Every. single. one.

I absolutely did not want The Help to end.  I felt like I was losing dear friends when I closed the cover on the last page.  I felt reluctant to return it to its owner.

I feel like the impact of A Million Miles in A Thousand Years is still to come, but even as Taido and I dreamed about the future, as we often do on long car rides, my thoughts were framed by the ideas I have gained from this book about the kind of story I want to write with my life.

I did LOADS of reading in Florida and I am super excited to share some of those!  So more books coming soon.  It’s winter right?  We’re supposed to have more time to read because of less daylight!


  1. So hard to pick just a few, isn’t it? I loved The Help, going to have to put a few of the others on my “to read” list! Thanks!

  2. I think you just summed up why I am still carrying the Donald Miller book around with me even though I finished it over a week ago – I just don’t want to let it go yet…

  3. […] The Willoughbys is a favorite book of ours that we’ve listened to over and over again, and a little boy in the book pretends he is speaking German, and all the people in Switzerland are too polite to tell him that he is not really speaking correctly. […]

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