Snapshots of Christmas in Scotland

Christmas, Scotland, Tea

It’s been exactly a month since Christmas. The holiday season already seems like a long time ago, but it was such a special time that I wanted to dedicate a post to its memory. I don’t have photos of all the bits I want to remember, but this collection of random snapshots captures a lot of what I loved about this year’s sweet season.

Christmas, Scotland, Holy Experience

Preparations for a girls’ movie night to watch my favorite movie of the year, Far From The Madding Crowd. Lots of laughs.

Christmas, Scotland, Star Wars

Simon and his glee over all things Star Wars. (also, his shirt with “homemade thumbholes” which my friend Diane did for him because he wanted one with thumbholes like his brothers)

Christmas, Scotland

Daily Christmas readings and coloring Jesse Tree ornaments.

Christmas, Scotland

Running a gingerbread man table at a ladies’ craft night.

Christmas, Scotland, Hiking with friends

A winter hike around Crathes Castle with friends.

Christmas, Scotland, Hiking with friends

Kids being silly.

Hot Cider at Christmas, Scotland

Hot mulled cider.

Christmas, Scotland

Baking with my kiddos.

Christmas, Scotland, Baking

The kitchen covered in treats.

The Christmas Tree at Kings College, Scotland

The Christmas tree at Kings College. (and gray December days)

Christmas Scotland

Sharing our favorite Christmas stories with some of our favorite people.

Christmas Scotland

Our two favorites are The Last Straw and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.

Christmas, Scotland

I made a point of finding some wee ones to read to this year because I do miss having little ones around at Christmas.

Christmas, Scotland

Taking my four loves to be around these four little munchkins makes me super nostalgic for those crazy toddler days.

Christmas, Scotland, Lemons

Lemons and lots of lemon zest. For lemon cakes and apple pies.

Christmas, Scotland

Making lots of batches of winter punch that could be served to the kids or added to alcohol for adults.

Scotland, Christmas

Going to the beach to see the sunset on the shortest day of the year.

Fire, Christmas, Scotland

Fires in the backyard on cold nights (with marshmallows and whisky).

Christmas, Scotland

Taido and his mama having lots of time together this year. (Before she arrived for Christmas, they went on a Danube River Cruise!)

Christmas, Scotland

Taido in the kitchen. Doing his thing.

Christmas, Scotland, Aberdeen

Christmas Morning at church with Harriet and Koko (Taido’s mom and sis).

Christmas, Scotland

Jigsaw puzzles on the table.

Christmas, Scotland, Stonehaven, Dunnottar

Taking Koko (my sister-in-law) to Stonehaven for the day.

Stonehaven, Rainbow, Christmas, Scotland

Seeing a rainbow on the way to the castle.

Christmas, Scotland, Stonehaven

Sitting in one of my favorite pubs after a misty walk to the castle and back. Warming up with pints + Cullen Skink (a Scottish seafood chowder) and talking for hours and hours.

Christmas, Scotland, Stonehaven, Dunnottar

Also, here’s Koko sneaking over the fence to retrieve her dropped glove.

Christmas, Scotland

The white foam on the North Sea looking like snow.

nonstop rain, Christmas, Scotland

Days and days and days of rain and flooding.

Christmas, Scotland

Out for a walk all by myself in the rain, to see how high the river was and to breathe deep after Cole’s departure to America and all our visitors had come and gone.

I’m smiling at you and wishing you a happy 2016, friends.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your 2015 Christmas! That is great that family came to visit and I totally understand about missing the crazy toddler years. We have two toddler grand babies so we get to enjoy the fun and then send them home! They grow so quick we have to inhale the joys of babies before they turn into teens!! I always enjoy your blog. Blessings and stay warm!

    1. Thanks for following along! What a joy to have little ones at Christmas (and all times!!) I already think I am going to love being a grandparent, even though it’s not in my immediate future. 🙂 XOXO

  2. I love all your snapshots and snippets from Christmas! They warmed my heart and brightened my day!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that June! I hope your holiday season was lovely!!! XOXO

  3. I have been following your emails since 10/21/15. I just love the photos, spiritual sayings and news from you. I live in a farming/ranching town of 2,500 people 30 miles south of Dallas, Texas. There are many Scottish families in Texas. My grandfather McClain was Cherokee & Scottish. Your wonderful emails are enjoyed by many, many people who would not otherwise be able to see Scotland. I thank you. Take care. May God bless you and your family

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Suzanne! I do love hearing that you’re enjoying my musings from afar!! Sending lots of love your way! XOXO

  4. What a delight this little tour o’ the holidays was, Alison — thanks so much! I felt a pang when I read in another recent post that you guys would be leaving this summer; I know we’ve never crossed actual paths, but I don’t like the idea of your not being in Scotland any longer! Email me if you fancy getting together some time for a cuppa — we’ll be in the Borders until the end of February, then getting settled in Fife. xoxo Lynn

    1. Oh I would love to have a cup of tea before we leave Scotland!! There are several Chinos praying that our time here would get extended so who knows what is in store! Only the Lord!! Best of luck with your upcoming move!! I didn’t know you were leaving the Borders! Fife is pretty too though! And lots of new places to explore. 🙂 XOXO Alison

      1. Oh goody (re: the possibility of a meeting)(and re: an extended stay, if it’s what you fancy)!! I’ll look forward to hearing from ya! And I look forward to the deets of your Paris trip. I haven’t been there since 1990 (gasp), but a visit is set to happen in June as part of a two-week mama-son rail jaunt around The Continent with my graduating teen. I intend to bore him with lots of pointing at my 1985 study-abroad dorm and other dimly-recalled sights/sites, and to yank him into the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay, but a food emphasis sounds mighty fine. Let me know if Le Glacier Moderne is still selling life-affirming gelato in the Latin Quarter! xoxoxo

  5. Oh I love this post. I can almost imagine being in the middle of it all. So good to see your table covered in baked goods again.

    1. You know how I love a baked good. Of course, I had to be extra committed with #TinyOven. 😉 Still, I’m crossing my fingers for an Arkansas Christmas next year. XOXO

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