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An August Walk in Aberdeenshire Scotland (40/48)

August in Aberdeenshire Scotland


I’m finding that looking back at my summer walks is a wonderful antidote to dark gray winter days in Aberdeen.


This August day spent wandering the Shire was glorious.


The skies were blue. The heather was in bloom. The kids were happy.


Well, the kids that came were happy. (We left one sullen teenager at home this day.)


These photos are a timely reminder for me that the world will be this bright again.


And with time flying by faster than I can take notes, that day will probably arrive sooner than I think.


Thank goodness for heather covered hills and greener than green fields.


Thank goodness for color. For sunshine. For creaky old legs that can still follow new paths.


I am surprisingly motivated to get outside on a gray day just to be certain that my legs will still work when the days look like this again.


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