In The Pipeline + Keep on Walkin’

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Y’all the walking is happening.

#48walks and then some.

And do you know what? I LOVE IT!

Seriously, every time I get a little notification that someone tagged a walk, it remindsΒ  me to go for a walk, and more importantly, it makes me smile. I hope you feel the same way friends.

Here are just a few of the walks represented via blog posts:





Bonus walking links:

Some tips on organizing a group hike, which by the way, is a GREAT IDEA.

CS Lewis walks on the beach and talks travel. (h/t Suzy!)

More great stories from the interwebs:

A story about a crazy boss. We’ve all had this boss before…

A story about life without drugs

A story about living in Prague (swoon)

A story told on Twitter

A story about being a happy carefree traveler

A story about coming home from Uganda

Loves stories every day for February on Whitney’s blog. Ours is today!

I finished Bill Bryson’s book about the UK this week, Notes from a Small Island. Learned + Laughed a LOT. Then the next day I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy and cried a lot. (Up and Down friends, Up. And. Down.)

What have you read lately that you loved? (Winter is for reading!)

Happy Weekend!