In the pipeline, February, Love

In The Pipeline: February

In The Pipeline, February, Love, Alison Chino Happy Month Full Of Love!!

February is a month of showing big love to all the people in my life, not just Taido. (Though I love him the most.)

This month I am trying to send more letters and emails and texts that are FULL of LOVE.

Join me…it’s SUCH a good way to use all the fancy paper/cards/pens that you have piling up. (Just me?)

ALSO, in blogging this month I am hoping to show my readers some love by answering their questions. I get emails asking me a few of the same questions over and over, so I thought it would be a good idea to address some of those here on the blog. So if you have a question for me, ask away in the comments or holler at me via email (alison AT alisonchino DOT com) and I would be happy to include your question in a future post.

Here are the ones that I am going to answer over the next few weeks:

How do you pack light for a trip to Europe? What exactly do you take?

If I am coming to the UK for 10 days, what should I do? Where should I stay?

If I am coming to Scotland and I love Scotch, where should I go? What should I do?

And the question I get asked most often, for obvious reasons:

Can you tell me what I need to know about coming to Aberdeen to live as an expat? 

usually followed by

(My husband is going to be studying divinity/working in Aberdeen.)

So those are the questions I have so far. If you’re curious about the answers to any of those, maybe consider subscribing via email if you haven’t already. And if your question is not on the list, by all means, ask away!

Also here are some links I’ve been collecting + things I’ve been reading lately.

I’ve listened to this love poem about 10 times now. I first heard it on an old podcast of Livewire.

The dance in this video makes me happy.

Also this song, same.

Right now when this song comes on in the kitchen, I have to stop what I’m doing and just sing. Eyes closed, hands in the air. (Also, the story behind the song.)

The Cathedral on Radiolab is a definite Do. Not. Miss. I’ve made all my kids listen to it now. Sidenote: Our winter dinner conversation has so deteriorated that now after meals we are having a moment called: Excerpts from Mama’s Favorite Podcasts.

Also if you think racism is not a problem America in 2016, please give this is a listen (Yik Yak Returns).

Are you (like me) a sensitive soul? Then maybe you’ll find this piece on rituals being oh-so-soothing for sensitive souls to be rather helpful.

These photos + the adventure they capture are a good argument for eloping on the Isle of Skye instead of having a big wedding. I found this photographer because she went to Jordan with World Vision this month as part of a campaign to bring awareness to refugees in winter, asking the rest of us to go barefoot and coatless on February 10th to encourage giving for refugees.

Y’all, Aberdeen is holding a festival of light this month. What a great idea!

If you want to create a hamper (picnic basket!) for a special outdoor outing, you can get ideas and cute tags from this post at Wayfair (which also features my Camping Menus!).

In The Pipeline, Paris, Alison Chino
I’m headed to Paris at the end of this month to meet my mom and sis in the City of Light. This floral shop photo is from my last trip to Paris.

I’m doing loads of research at the minute in preparation for our adventure, which will be largely food focused since my sister is a restauranteur. I’ve loved reading Parisians by Graham Robb. And I’ve laughed through Stephen Clarke’s Paris Revealed. Next on my list is The Most Beautiful Walk In The World.

I’m making lots of lists for our time in Paris: Markets To See, Walks to Take, Places to Eat. Also obsessively reading anyone who’s done a post on wandering the city. Also, I’m watching movies set in Paris, so I loved this fun Filmtripping idea from Expedia. Do pass along your own favorite Paris films!  I love getting recommendations.

I hope your weekend is extra full of lovely things!



PS My husband gave my website a slick new makeover this week. It feels super simple and fresh!



  1. Your blog is the best! It is so beautiful and uplifting – both in words and pictures. My dream is to visit Scotland so I look forward to each new story and photograph!

    1. That is SUPER KIND Lisa! Thank you! Do let me know if you visit Scotland!!! I’m writing a post this month on the best time to come and places to see. XOXO

    2. That is so kind Lisa!!! Do let me know if you ever do visit! XOXO

  2. And its a leap year! So we all get an extra day. All of us. All over the globe…it’s my favorite day.

    1. I’m really trying hard to be grateful for an extra day of….winter. 🙂 heehee.

    2. Leap Day in Paris for me this year! EXCITING! XOXO

  3. Amélie! But yes, Midnight in Paris, too. xo

    1. YES! I love both of those!! I just read this week that the first lady of France did a cameo in Midnight in Paris. Now I need to watch it again. 🙂

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