Snapshots of Montefiascone, Italy

Snapshots of Montefiascone, a hilltop town in Italy overlooking Lago de Bolsena (Lake Bolsena).

Here are a few highlights from my first days in Italy:

Squeals of delight upon seeing dear friends.

A room in a hilltop monastery with a view of the valley below.

Wisteria-lined roads.

The ancient town fortress of Montefiascone.

Following cobblestone lanes to a church with a dome.

Sitting under the dome.

Walking and chatting.

Stopping for coffee and chats.

Stopping in parks and chatting on benches.

Wandering and wandering through the old town, criss-crossing squares and looking in shops.

Blue doors.

Finding ever more lovely views and brightly colored corners as we lingered on in town.

A restaurant (with a view) where a kind waiter let us in an hour before they opened for dinner to come in out of the rain for a drink – and then served us a four course meal + wine and coffee for 15 euro each AND sang karaoke!

Walking back to the monestary as the sun was setting over the lake, with full bellies and hearts. And lots of laughs.

Being in a beautiful place with my dear friends.

Montefiascone has been an exquisite backdrop for hours and hours of walking and talking, stopping for coffee, stopping for a meal and of course, stopping for gelato.

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