A Walk in Arkansas (48/48)


Friends, this is it. Number #48 of #48walks!

I’m ending an epic year of walking with this early morning walk up a mountain while I was home in Arkansas this past September.


Walking with friends who love me even if my dreadlocks blow into their faces. YIKES!


I got to pop home in September for an Arkansas Women Blogger Conference, so I fit in a few walks with my dear, dear friends.


Pinnacle Mountain is about a mile and a half to the top and back. It’s not super long but you do have to navigate some boulders.


This walk represents so much of what I have loved about walking this year: walking side by side with friends.


Even on the days I have walked alone, I have walked virtually with friends.


Every #48walks tag on the internet has been like a little hello for me this year.


I love getting reminders to get outside, and because I want to keep getting them in 2015, I have something new coming down the pipe for outdoor adventuring in the New Year (stay tuned!)


But for now, I am going to enjoy the end of this journey of doing #48walks. A year of walking to new places and trying out longer walks. Of walking with friends and even with strangers. It’s been a lovely year friends! Thanks so much for coming along!

PS The other reason I’m ending with this Arkansas walk is in honor of the fact that we are on a plane today, heading to our blessed home state for Christmas! We are super excited about soaking up a little #DogtownLife over the holidays!


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