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Chino House Camping Checklist, Download at

Chino House Camping Checklist

I hope you are getting to see the leaves change where you live, because it is one of creation’s most spectacular displays. Every year I am newly amazed. How can the death of something be so beautiful? Of course, one of the very best ways to enjoy fall color is to go camping. And while …

camp meals, summer sausage, cheese and crackers, blue tin bowl

Camping Menus

  Last summer, when we went on our annual two week camping trip to Colorado, I really tried to document our Camping Menus. We are always so hungry at camp from hiking and being outside, so the food is one of our favorite parts! This first picture is a standard lunch meal for us: a …

trader joes shopping bag, trader joe's camping menu

Trader Joe’s Camping Menu

If you are going camping this weekend or sometime soon and you happen to be near a Trader Joe’s, as I happily happen to find myself again, then you might like to discover, as I have, that you can get several days’ worth of relatively easy and healthy camping meals in one quick stop. Cooking …