Snapshots of London, Bicycles in London

Snapshots of London

Buckingham Palace in the Rain, Snapshots of London

A few weeks ago I arrived in rainy London on a rainy Friday in order to attend a dinner for a blogging project I am very excited about. (More to come on this.)

Near London, Tullys, Snapshots of London

After a cup of tea with Tina at a darling farm store near the airport, I took the train to Victoria and walked straight to Buckingham Palace, because I missed seeing it on my last visit.

Snapshots of London, Buckingham Palace

I mentioned the last time I went to London that I just chose a few places to wander over my short time there, and I did that again on this visit. I was there for less than 36 hours, but I chose a couple of places I wanted to see before I left home and decided to just keep my eyes open as I walked where I could in that amount of time.

On Saturday the sun came out and I think I might have skipped + danced around the city rather than walk.

Here’s just a little bit of what I saw.

Snapshots of London, Bicycles in London

A sweet family on Barclays Bicycles.

Snapshots of London, British Museum

The British Museum. (Bonus: Free admission)

Snapshots of London, British Museum

Hello blue sky that you can still see from inside the museum!

Snapshots of London, British Museum

The British Museum is a wonderful spot to take in the sun from indoors.

Snapshots of London, British Museum

Had my mother been with me, we would have stopped here for tea.

Snapshots of London, British Museum

But instead I went to see the mummies, the Rosetta stone and even a bog man.

British Museum, Snapshots of London

So. Much. Amazingness.

Snapshots of London, Camden Town, Camden Market

Next I took the underground to Camden Town. I have Paul and Karen to thank for teaching me the ropes on the Tube and I’m proud to say that I even helped someone else find their way. Tube Skills, yo!

Snapshots of London, Camden Town, Camden Market

Camden Market is so much eye candy I cannot even take it.

Snapshots of London, Camden Town, Camden Market

I cannot wait to go back with the kids. Um, and Whitney, because hello, the amazing photos she will take.

Snapshots of London, Camden Town, Camden Market

Hello crazy storefronts.

Snapshots of London, Camden Town, Camden Market

After walking for a long time, I bought a curry.

Snapshots of London, Camden Town, Camden Market

Then I sat right here and ate it. Pretty much perfect.

Late in the afternoon, I hopped back on the Tube and rode all the way to the airport to board my plane for Aberdeen, and I was home in time for dinner.

And that is amazing, because from Arkansas, London has always seemed like one gajillion miles away. A place I might go if I ever have the time. But only after I’ve been to all the little hill towns in Italy. I have to say that I have been positively swept away by this city, and I know that about ten gajillion people have said that before me, but I am not really a city girl. Usually I prefer a country walk.

But I will walk around London again any time I get the opportunity.

Snapshots of London, British National Museum

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  1. How lucky that you got beautiful blue skies. London is fantastic when the sun is shining!

    1. So lucky indeed! I know there’s been so much rain which makes the blue sky a special treat. Hoping the sun comes out for a while now though for a much needed relief from flooding!

  2. You fit a lot in in a short time!! It’s easier when it’s just you navigating. 😉

    1. So true! As you well know. It’s wonderful to be able to go wherever I like without having to talk anyone else into it. 🙂

  3. “Oh I’ll just pop over to London for the day” I’m completely green with envy right now. You must visit 221B Baker Street for me.

    1. Save your pennies Jeanetta! I’ll meet you there whenever you say and we’ll go to 221B Baker Street together, k?

  4. Love the signs you show but that dragon steals the show!

    1. So wild, yes? Love this area!

  5. I have such a love affair with London. I can’t wait to go back and take my kids. Those store fronts were interesting. What is the deal with the red shoe.

    1. Crazy store fronts. I have no idea. Just fun to look at. 🙂 I can’t wait to take my kids too!!

  6. Congratulations on the exciting opportunity. Looks like our London weather was for once pretty nice during your visit – makes such a big difference to have some blue sky instead of the rain storms we’ve had!

    1. Thanks so much Reeta!! It is awfully wonderful to get a bit of blue sky.

  7. Alison, congrats on the new project, you SO deserve it!!! Looking forward to hear more about it 🙂

    And London, ah, I’m not the best person for big cities, but London is quite magical. And it’s so easy to get away from the centre to outdoors as well…

    1. Thanks so much Satu! I’m smitten with London as well!! 🙂

  8. I love London. It has a hold on my heart and I can’t wait to show it to someone I love.

    1. I feel the same way! I’ve only ever been by myself!

    1. Me either!! 13_? Days!

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