Hiking with Kids: Trekking Poles

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My husband Taido, who we also like to call the Gearhead, owns these trekking poles for when he goes backpacking.  He is usually carrying a decent sized pack in the mountains, so the poles help take some of the weight off his knees and land his feet a little lighter in spite of his heavy load.

The kids love these poles.  They frequently claim one of them for day hikes even though they aren’t really carrying anything heavy.

They always start off on the trail, using the trekking pole as it was intended, placing it before each step ahead of them on the path.  However, soon their use of the trekking poles tends to degenerate into wielding it as some kind of a weapon or as a bushwacking tool.

Taido does not appreciate his fancy trekking poles being used in this way, so the boys usually end up losing the poles before the hike is over.

After a couple of hikes this year, Taido began to notice that the bottoms of his poles were quite beat up, even sort of smashed.  He asked if anyone was using the poles for jumping.

Boys, this trekking pole is not for pole vaulting.

Of course, no one admitted to using the pole in this way.

But when we got home and I uploaded my pictures, I found that I had some incriminating evidence on someone.

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  1. That’s hilarious! Put that boy in track!!

  2. Cute story! I’m really glad to know about trekking poles & their benefit to knees. I may have to look into a set.

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