Planting Dandelions by Kyran Pittman

I have been laughing for a week reading Kyran Pittman’s memoir of that which is everyday and near.

I knew I was going to love Planting Dandelions when I read these words from the introduction,

I believe in seeking.  I believe ardently that you should drop everything and run toward your true self, as far as you have to go.  But I want to put in a word for the path that winds through the backyard, because it can be just as meaningful and wondrous as the one that goes up the mountaintop, if it’s your path.  You want a spiritual discipline?  Try staying vitally connected to the same person year in, year out, through surprise pregnancies, late mortgage payments, toilet seat battles, and the occasional, strong temptation to walk away and make a living tending bar somewhere on the coast of Maine.  Domestic life is full of moments of truth, if you stay awake to them.

Being awake to the beauty of each day is a discipline I am trying to practice.

It widens my heart.

I could write for days about how much I adore the moment my youngest wakes up in the mornings.  He crawls into my lap sleepy-eyed and I cherish that he still fits all snuggled up in my arms.  The teenager in my house is a constant reminder of how quickly these days will be over.

And when I watch my oldest at soccer practice with a smile that is wider than any other time of the week, I am aware of how soon it will be that he won’t run back to my car when he’s done.  I won’t always see him joyful and exhilarated from his doing favorite thing in life, being a part of a team.  Even if he continues to love it, he will be driving himself sooner than I realize.

These are the moments that are like dandelions.  There are millions of them, but they can easily go unnoticed.

The fabulous thing about Kyran’s dandelions is that they are side-splitting.

Honest and tender,

but very, very funny.

I’m pretty sure that the chapter entitled Back in the Saddle (about intimacy after childbirth), should be standard issue material at the hospital to new mothers.  In fact, they could just go ahead and chuck the log where you are supposed to record your new baby’s every feeding, diaper change, burp and blink and include a copy of this book instead.

Because I am a huge fan of handing out materials that fall into the category of Things That Make You Laugh instead of Things That Make You Crazy.

And Planting Dandelions for sure will make you laugh.  You won’t even notice when you’re giggling how the stories’ more tender moments sneak in and take up residence in your heart.

PS I’m also very excited about this book because Whitney Loibner took Kyran’s author photograph that is on the jacket! 

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