Yellow In Venice, Capture the Colour Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge

Tina from Girl Meets Globe tagged me in the Capture the Colour Photo Blogging Challenge!

For the challenge, you have to choose one photo for each color/colour. (I’m feeling schizophrenic about spellings lately.)  Here are the ones I chose:


Venice, Capture The Colour Photo Challenge


Yellow In Venice, Capture the Colour Photo Challenge


Blue, Missouri State Park


Hiking in Missouri, St Francois State Park, Missouri Camping, Missouri State Parks, Spring Camping in Missouri, Chino House Camps



Even though I take a LOT of photos, I don’t really consider myself a photographer, so I am honored to be tagged. (Thanks, Tina!)

All my photos are from my phone, which is the main way I take photos.  I edit my pictures in Snapseed right on my phone and upload them straight to my blog through the WordPress app on my phone. Pretty simple, eh?

This week while I was in Dublin, I met one of the photographers who is judging this Photo Challenge, Daniel, and he told me that Google has bought Snapseed, so if you upload your photos to Google Plus and open the editing program within Google, it is Snapseed.  You probably already knew that, but it was one of those little #NerdLove things that I was super happy to discover!

Today is the last day of the challenge, but if you hurry you can still participate.  So jump in Whitney, Sarabeth, Heather, Kyran and Jerusalem!


  1. So glad you could jump in last minute!! There is something drawing me to yellow! Fascinating!! They are all gorgeous, as always!!

    1. Just barely under the wire is a theme for me these days!! I LOVE yellow too, and Yellow + Fall, even better! Thanks for tagging me. 🙂

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