favorite tea, aveda tea, chino house favorites, simple pleasures

Chino House Favorites: Aveda Tea

favorite tea, aveda tea, chino house favorites, simple pleasures

I could not possibly count how many cups of coffee and tea I have sipped over the last month.  In the very near future I will be taking a hiatus from both (as part of a journey of fasting), the imminent arrival of which is making them seem ever more dear during the month of January.

Aveda Tea has been one of life’s simple pleasures at my house since I was gifted a precious bottle of it by a friend over five years ago.  Because of it’s price, I use it very sparingly, but it is my most favorite tea and when I pull it out, everyone clamors for a cup.  It is simply delectable.  I have found a close imitation, but dreary, rainy days call for a book and the real thing, a treasured pot and loose leaf Aveda.

Do you have a favorite tea?

Do tell.




  1. We’re a caffeine free house (health reasons for both of us) but we love some herbal teas! My daily go-to is this one made by Lipton called Blackberry Vanilla. It comes in triangle bags.

  2. Perfect day for tea! Hibiscus herbal or plain green tee. My family enjoyed some echinacea tea the week of Christmas to fight colds.

  3. Oh my word Alison, have you tried Republic of Teas Vanilla Almond? It is perfect sub for a sweet treat. Kind of nostalgic for me because it taste a lot like a cookie my Grandma makes.Lucky for me my brother just bought a bulk bag of 250, and he is sharing with his sis:)

  4. I haven’t tried any of these teas! I am excited to have some new ones to look for!

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