What to Pack For A Mediterranean Cruise

What to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise

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Mary Polly and I leave tomorrow for our Mediterranean Cruise and we are all packed!!

We have deliberated a lot about what to take to Europe with us.

In general, if I am flying somewhere, I really like to travel light, but we are also trying to have a little fun with our wardrobe.  I know that having a lot of luggage is a pain while traveling, but the wonderful thing about cruising is that you only have to get all your luggage to the boat once.

We will wake up in a new city every day, but we don’t have to pack and unpack.  I think that this is going to be a major advantage of seeing Europe on a boat.

So here’s what we’ve finally landed on.

We were trying to take two smaller carry on size bags, but we have now switched to one small carry on size bag, the Eagle Creek bag I took a few weeks ago shown here, and one larger Eagle Creek backpack that is for touring Europe by rail. Both bags have smaller backpacks that zip off for sightseeing.

We decided we needed just a little more room.  Besides, I have a really long legacy of over-packing to keep up.  The first time I went to Europe, I was 19 and I guess I didn’t think that anything was available over there.  What if they don’t sell notebooks??  This of course, was before the internet and before you could Google Search things like, What should I take to Europe for a semester abroad?  Not paper.

We’ll let you know when we get back which things we could have left at home to stay to two small carry on bags.

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Our Packing List for a 2 week Trip To Europe/Mediterranean Cruise in September:

3 outfits each for 9 sightseeing days: jeans, boots and  short sleeved tops packed in Eagle Creek Cubes

4 dresses each for 12 cruise dinners (themes: bright color dress, sparkle dress, little black dress, short dress)

3 pairs shoes each for cruise dinners

2 light sweaters each and a scarf for cool evenings

2 breezy outfits each for more laid back ports: skirts, tanks, chacos

3-4 swimsuits each in an Eagle Creek cube + a cover up, flip flops and towel

1 set pj’s each in an Eagle Creek cube

1 Eagle Creek half cube each of underthings

1 small Eagle Creek Cosmo pouch with headbands and jewelry

1 Eagle Creek toiletry bag, sharing make-up, lotion, toothpaste, sunscreen, scissors

1 Eagle Creek toiletry bag with tech stuff: iphone chargers, camera batteries, headlamp, converter

my iphone, mp’s itouch, headphones and a splitter (so we only have to run down one battery at time)

2 Eagle Creek money belts

2 journals and pens

2 books

Rick Steve’s Mediterranean Cruise Ports

small bungee cord clothesline

2 water bottles

Ziploc bags (for pilfering snacks from the breakfast bar on port days)

Copies of documents

trail mix


a bag of carrots


You can keep up with us while we are gone on twitter or instagram.

I asked Eagle Creek if they would be willing to fill up my old faithful luggage for me, and they responded generously with packing cubes!  I was sure I would love their new stuff as much as I do my old bags, backpacks and money belts. And I was right!  I love all the little organized spaces.


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