Camino de Santiago, The Way, Santiago de Compostela, Pilgrims Mass

Chasing Daylight in June: The Way

Camino de Santiago, The Way, PrincesasDelCamino, Alison Chino, MacsAdventure, Chasing Daylight

Friends, thank you so much for walking this pilgrimage with me! It has been a joy to share the adventure with you.

Here’s a little summary of all the writing about the Camino de Santiago:

The Snippets of The Way

Pilgrims’ Arrival

Pilgrims’ Passports

Pilgrims’ Mass

Pilgrims’ Lodging

Pilgrims’ Menu

Pilgrims or Princesses

Pilgrims’ Words

The Snapshots of The Way

Signs and Symbols

Stunning and Sublime

Seaside and Sunshine

The Stories of The Way

Live The Way

Stop Often

Make Friends

I really do hope to go back and walk some more of The Way in Spain in 2016! We’ll see what the next season of walking brings!

Our journey along The Camino de Santiago was made possible by Macs Adventure, who found us the most wonderful places to sleep and made our giant suitcases magically appear in our rooms each night. 

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