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In The Pipeline

While househunting, we have been enjoying the kind hospitality of three different new sets of friends, for which we are super thankful! We got the kids all squared away to start school next week and spent today shopping for their uniforms.  Lots going on! For weeks I’ve been reading info on moving abroad, traveling in …

Aberdeen At First Glance, Scotland,Travel With Children, Moving Abroad, The North Sea, Beach

Aberdeen, Scotland At First Glance

Our first two days in Aberdeen, Scotland have been marked mostly by our search for a home.  However, we have been taking it all in as we have wandered about and so here are our first glimpses of our new home town. Aberdeen, Scotland At First Glance At the moment, we are staying with a …

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Ready, Set, Go!

Ready or not, it’s time to go. We’re putting on our game faces and heading out into the big wide world. Taido is already in Scotland, continuing the house hunt. We’re not sure what his plan is for the 20 suitcases we have in tow, but we’ll be glad to see him no matter what! …