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Swedish Pancakes

swedish pancakes, breakfast foods, lingonberries

Here is our recipe for Swedish pancakes.  Taido makes this at least once every other week at our house.

We got it from some precious friends from our Chicago days, and they are melt in your mouth good.

Our kids eat these so fast they burn their tongues. There has been much debate in our family over the adjusting of this recipe. We have cut the butter a little bit and I believe we use half whole wheat flour.

I think you could cut the butter a little more, but Taido feels I have adulterated this recipe enough as it is.

They are supposed to be served with lingonberries, which are a little difficult to locate down south.

You can buy them at Ikea, or at specialty food stores.

swedish pancakes, breakfast foods

Swedish Pancakes

4 eggs

1 cup organic milk

1/2 cup flour

2-4 tablespoons melted butter, plus more for the pan

4 tablespoons sugar

Cook 1/4 cup batter in a generously greased hot skillet until slightly browned (3 min or so) and flip to brown the other side for just a minute.

Spread lingonberries in the middle of the pancake and then flop the two sides over the berries, like a burrito.

If you’re feeling especially indulgent, you can top it off with fresh whipped cream.


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