Wonder What I’ve Been Doing All Summer?

potty training Boba Fett.

big boy pants at last, potty training, potty training boy, boy potty training

It’s a dangerous job, but somebody has to do it.

we take this potty everywhere, potty training boy, potty training, toilet training

Hat tip to my mama who got him started by spending his first day in big boy pants with him!

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  1. Not just any Boba Fett… Boba Fett with a BATTLE AXE!

  2. Welcome back, so happy to find you on my reader. LOVE the picture and love that Si. Can’t believe he is so big.

  3. No more diapers! Yay! I did the biggest happy dance when Jac started training. If you need any undies let me know. I’m going through clothes!

  4. sweet sweet alison– you owe heifer one monitor after i spewed coffee all over mine! seriously, how positively sweet!!!

  5. Alison, just wanted to let you know I stopped by via a search on Trader Joe’s food for camping and enjoyed my visit!

    From another Jesus-family-book-camping-food loving mom.

  6. Please send your Mama my way! I thought Lula would be potty trained for sure before baby #3. No such luck. Back in Feb/March she actually peed/pooped on the potty and thought it was great fun. Now, of course she’s decided the potty is not for her. Here we go again with 2 in diapers! I need Grand Jules here in Missouri! Miss you!

  7. just so we’re clear, i keep tuning back in (skewing your stats) when i’m feeling blue to see this pic

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