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I’ve been trying to spare everyone the “my-baby-started-kindergarten” mommyblogger post, so I’ve been quiet about school starting.

We are in year round school with a four to five week summer so everyone but Cole started back last Wednesday, including Simon.

My grandmother also went into the hospital last Wednesday, so I found myself running up to the hospital while the kids were in school.

I didn’t tell my mother or my grandmother that somehow the lump in my throat that I have had for the past weeks about Simon going to kindergarten had turned into a full blown blubbering when school actually began.

It just seemed like information they didn’t need to know.  So I would dry my eyes in the hospital parking lot before going up to see Grandmother.

But Friday morning came and somehow, even though the lump was still there, I was happy to discover that I didn’t actually tear up upon driving away from the school drop off.

When I got to the hospital, my grandmother was sitting up cheerfully in her bright pink robe.  She had removed her oxygen and was gearing up to talk the doctor into shortening her stay by a couple of days.

Clearly she was feeling better.

I must have been feeling better too, because when everyone asked how going to school went that morning, I said,

Much better.  I didn’t cry this morning.

To which my mother responded,

What?  Did you say you didn’t CRY??

Have you been CRYING?

ME: Yes, Mother, I have been crying about taking Simon to kindergarten.

At which point, my aunt (who had arrived the evening before) says to me with a dumbfounded look,

WHY are you CRYING about taking Simon to kindergarten?

ME: I don’t know actually.

I guess it’s just because he’s my last one and he doesn’t really want to go.

And, Grandmother chimes in with her two cents,

Well, if he didn’t go to school, he wouldn’t learn anything and he would be dumb.

Now THAT would be something to cry about!

My friend Mary Jane cried when her daughter went to kindergarten and I never understood it. 

I cannot imagine why I hadn’t thought it a good idea to mention to my family that I might be sad about Simon going to kindergarten.


  1. I was sad almost all last year. Still a bit sad I think. Simon looks so adorable at school though. 🙂 He’s so good he won’t wave to me in the hall, too busy with the “bubble” in his mouth! It’s hard watching our babies grow up. I am still having trouble with Em in high school…

  2. oh friend. i hear ya. been there. and you were in good company. i know a few more momma’s who have been extra teary. if it is any consolidation, he always looks pretty satisfied walking these halls and my boys love to spy him every chance they get!

  3. i’m so sorry 🙁 hope this week is going better. and on another note….i LOVE MP’s lunchbox.

  4. I cried going to the kindergarten round up! 🙂 but maybe I shouldn’t admit that so publicly 😉 Been thinking about ya’ll.

  5. Oh. My. Dear. Lord. In. Heaven.

    That conversation is so CLASSICALLY Julie / Jeanie / Marion that I can HARDLY STAND IT.

    Thank you for finding the laugh in something that has been hard… 🙂 Love you friend.

  6. Allison–do not feel bad about crying! When my son, Mickey, who is about to turn 28, went to kindergarten I cried like a baby! He was my youngest, didn’t really want to go and had had health problems. I dropped him off, cried all the way home and then layed down on the sofa and boohooed! I feel you girl! Vicki

  7. being so self absorbed and all, i just now read this. ask gretchen and daniel about ESCORTING me out of the school on kindergarten day last year. i promise, first grade drop off is nothin compared to it.
    i love you. i love simon. i love your tears and your smiles.

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