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Caribbean Cruise Notes: Hanging in Cozumel

Who wants to go to Cozumel?

cozumel, nachi cocom, mexico, girls cruise, beach
photos by Whitney Loibner

I am so in the mood for a little beach getaway.  How about you?

We are going skiing this month, which will be so much fun, as usual.

But still, I am a wee bit jealous of those who are heading south for Spring Break instead.

When we went on our Girls’ Cruise a couple of years ago, we went to this wonderful place in Cozumel called Nachi Cocom.  It was the most perfect beach day you could imagine.  Everything was wonderful.  The food, the chairs, the drinks and of course, the company!

On dreary days, I dream of going back there to sit in the sun under an umbrella with a book and  fruity drink.  Also I still dream about the coconut ice cream we had that day.

My friends, Whitney and Sarabeth,  have both previously blogged about our wonderful day in Cozumel.  I visit those pages often and sigh.

Where do you wish you were headed today?



  1. I may have shed a tear when I saw these pics! That was THE MOST FUN!!

  2. Me me me I wanna GO!

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