The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath6

The Cotswold Way Day 7: Cold Ashton to Bath

The Cotswold Way

110 Miles from Chipping Campden to Bath:

Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath (10 miles)


The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath1

We had reached the end.

I woke up both grateful and sad.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath2

Taido, Simon, Kandace and I all had breakfast together at home and then we drove over to where we had stopped the day before in Cold Ashton.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath3

Taido dropped us off and then drove to park at the end and walk back to us.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath4

It was a gorgeous day, and almost immediately, we were seeing the hills and valleys around Bath that make it such a wonderful area of England.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath5

After the previous day of hurrying, we felt like we could really take our time heading into Bath.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath6

And we did. The Cotswold Way winds around as it comes into Bath (somewhat unnecessarily), so you see Bath and then walk away from it, and then see it again, but then go up another hill. It’s a little disorienting, but also exactly what you would do if you went out for a walk from your hotel or home in Bath.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath7

We climbed over hills and crossed the Bath racecourse, as well as a golf course.

We walked until we stopped seeing signs for The Cotswold Way at all because all streets in town lead to The Bath Abbey.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath8

The Bath Abbey is both the beginning and the end of The Cotswold Way. (Some people walk it in the opposite direction.)

Bath Abbey

We sat right down on the starting stone that lists the stages of The Cotswold Way.

And then it was over as soon as it had begun.

We went for a celebration lunch at The Green Rocket in Bath (my favorite vegan restaurant) and then headed back to Bristol for one last night at home (watching Eurovision!) before Kandace caught the train to London the next day.

110 miles on The Cotswold Way. Worth every step.

The Cotswold Way Day 7 Cold Ashton to Bath10

I’m super grateful to Kandace for coming along and doing this with me!

And to Taido and Simon for hiking some with us as well!

And to YOU for coming along on the journey via this blog! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

Bath River + Bridge

If reading about The Cotswold Way has got you itching to get out on a trail in the Cotswolds, I highly encourage you to get a Cotswold Way guidebook and go for it! Also, I have taken my Cotswold Way notes and started planning an easier circular around the Cotswolds at a bit slower pace for next spring (April 2023). Just give me a shout on the contact form on my about page if that is something you’d be interested in joining. Happy walking!! XOXO Alison


  1. Allison, Thank you so very much for this blog, your wonderful photos & prose, and for your inspirational insights on travel and life in general.

    I did Wainwright’s Coast to Coast in 2014 a few days ahead of you. After that hike, I became aware of your blog & have enjoyed your musings ever since. Reading and viewing your blogs transports me to the wonderful joys of long distance hiking every time without fail.

    The end of a hike is always a double edged sword, but I draw hope from your comment that you are already planning the next hike in your head.

    Thanks again,
    Tim Stark

  2. Always love your blogs and photos.

  3. Was great to read all about your trip having seen you and Kandace the day before!!

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