Aberdeen Beach

Visiting Aberdeen: Fun Beach

An Ode To Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen At First Glance, Scotland,Travel With Children, Moving Abroad, Aberdeen Beach
Our First Moments in Scotland

Oh, Aberdeen Beach.

You are sometimes called “Fun Beach,”

which makes us smile.

The North Sea, Aberdeen, Scotland, Aberdeen Beach
This is the face of a girl who is missing Arkansas.

You are the first place we visited when we came to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen, Scotland, Week 3, Aberdeen Beach
Our First Visitor, my Mama

And you are the first place we bring our visitors. Usually as soon as they arrive.

Aberdeen Beach, Scotland
I’m just a little bit happy to see my sister!

It’s the North Sea! I say to my family and friends.

In The Pipeline, Sarabeth and Me at Aberdeen Beach
Sarabeth and me at the Sea!

It’s so cold! They say when they stick their toes in the water.

Aberdeen Beach with Diane
Diane and me at the sea before starting our Coast to Coast Walk

Yes. All beaches are not warm apparently.

Aberdeen Beach, Scotland, Chasing Daylight

And you, Aberdeen Beach. You are never warm.

Cousins at Aberdeen Beach

I mean sometimes crazy kids take their coats and even their sweatshirts off, but I always have my coat on.

Aberdeen Beach, Scotland
Michael at Aberdeen Beach

And usually so does everyone else.

Aberdeen Beach, Water, Explore the Elements, Scotland

I always bundle up for a walk on your sands.

Aberdeen Beach, Chasing Daylight, September, Scotland, Aberdeen

And I wear my wellies so I can stomp through the water.

Aberdeen, Scotland, In The Pipeline

Nope, you are not warm, but you are still lovely.

Aberdeen Beach, Jump, Scotland, In The Pipeline

And you are fun.

#whattheDT at the sea, Aberdeen Beach
#whattheDT at the sea

And I have loved walking with friendsĀ in all seasons by the sea.


I don’t know where I am going next but I suspect it will not be so near to the North Sea.

Aberdeen Beach, Scotland, Sea Glass
North Sea Treasure

So I will carry a few bits and pieces from my days of walking on your shores.

The North Sea Walk, Double Rainbow, Scotland, Rainbow and Ocean

And I promise to always treasure the wind blown days of living by the sea.

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