Facing Fear

Facing Fear The chalkboard art in my room is currently inspired by a quote I heard from an interview with Brene Brown, (h/t Donna Hall for introducing me to Brene Brown, showing me the Podcast app on my phone and changing my life forever in the midst of a late night painting frenzy!) Here’s the quote: It’s possible to be afraid and brave in the very same moment. She goes on to say that she finds herself in a state of being both afraid and brave all the time, and it is the willingness to be brave while we are … Continue reading

chalkboard check in

I have been so happy with all the uses we’ve found for my new giant chalkboard bubble! I left all of the instructions for my family while I was away on it!  Practices, car pools, and even meals were all listed for all to see. Then when I erased all of that after getting home, Simon drew me a picture!  LOVE! He has been so happy I’m home that he’s been pouring on the sweet!

all done january

It seems like I try something new every year in January to help with organizing, goal setting, exercising, attitude adjustment and whatever else comes along with generally being in a bad mood after Christmas is over. I’ve decided that the important thing is not that I ever necessarily hit on the perfect way to begin a new year.  All my past efforts have met with varying degrees of success or failure (depending on your perspective).  I think what I’ve learned is that it helps to make some sort of intentional effort.  To do something.  Anything. Rather than nothing.  Somehow this … Continue reading