A Story about My Sister

A Story about My Sister, Calling For Me

She’s Calling For Me There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who like to talk on the phone and those who don’t. I am one of the latter. Seriously, when text messaging was invented, I was like, “Where have you been all my life?” But my sister Anna? Well, she’s a phone call kind of gal. Somewhere in the middle of our 1980s teenage years, my sister convinced my parents to install a second phone line in our room. My mom was always tying up the regular line with the sort of long, serious phone calls required … Continue reading

Walking Across England: The Coast to Coast {England} (36/48)

Coast to Coast, Children Welcome, Kirby Stephen, Yorkshire

Friends. Diane and I finished the Coast to Coast in September but the journey began back in January of last year, and it did not really finish until yesterday when I wrote the ending. And that’s how it is with a Grand Adventure. Any journey worth its salt will occupy a space on my brain for a lot longer than the actual two weeks of walking. The memory of each step I took across England with my precious friend Diane will stay with me for many, many moons. And as a way of saying goodbye to this season of planning, … Continue reading

Coast to Coast: Finishing {Not So} Strong

Coast to Coast Finishing, Wainwright, Macs Adventure, #48walks

Lying in bed shaking with fever. Wondering if I will ever get warm enough to fall asleep. Muttering feeble little prayers in the dark. Please Lord, help us to finish this. Help us to wake up and be able to walk tomorrow. From the onset of this two hundred mile journey, I tried to predict which of the thirteen days of walking would be the most difficult for Diane and me. Reading through many walking logs on the Coast to Coast, I decided that it would be around day 4 or 5 that I would really struggle to finish. By … Continue reading

Coast to Coast Highs


Over the last couple of months, I’ve been sharing my favorite stories from the Coast to Coast, so today I’m keeping it short and simple with a photo essay of the high points from the walk. Not our spiritual highs, but the actual physical high points of the walk. Day 1: Dent Hill Day 2: High Stile Day 2: Helm Crag Day 2: Helm Crag Day 2: Haystacks   Day 2: Innominate Tarn Day 3: Green Up Day 4: Going up St Sunday Crag Day 4: St Sunday Crag (looking at Helvellyn) Day 4: St Sunday Crag Day 4: Coming … Continue reading

Coast to Coast: Fellow Pilgrims

The Group of 13 in the Midst, Fellow Pilgrims, Coast to Coast, #48walks

One of the great joys of walking the Coast to Coast with an extrovert was that we met tons of other people along the way. Diane was always willing to say, “Hello. We’re walking the Coast to Coast. How about you?” Endlessly enchanting in all her Southern charm, Diane has a beautiful gift of being endearing without even trying. Also we were fairly conspicuous so we often did not need to introduce ourselves. Mainly because we laughed. A lot. In fact, one afternoon we collapsed on the side of the trail, about a mile from the end. We made a … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

In The PIpeline, Daily Walk, Aberdeen

Do tell me friend, how many cups of tea have you had this week? I can promise you, whatever the number, I’ve had more. Seriously, Rainy Weather + Shorter Days + NaNoWriMo = Drinking Tea All Day Long. I am banging my head against the wall computer, trying to get my word count done each day. For some reason, the writing has been really hard for me this time around. The good news is that I met for the first time ever with a writing coach and I actually feel a little more hopeful about my writing than I have … Continue reading

Coast to Coast: Upon Arrival


Upon Arrival: Coast to Coast Lodgings Discovering our particular establishments among the small hotels and B&Bs in the villages along the Coast to Coast was like a treasure hunt waiting for us at the end of each day’s walk. When we arrived at our new place to sleep each night, we were usually greeted like old friends, or even better, warriors fresh from battle. I loved the hosts that made the end of the day feel like a long awaited homecoming. If we were coming in after dark, we were welcomed with even more enthusiasm than usual. “We were afraid … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

Sarabeth and Alison in Meteora, Greece, Finding the Universe Photo by Laurence Norah

photo by Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe Hi friends! Hope you’re having SUCH a lovely weekend. I got home from Greece on Wednesday and have been editing photos + loving on my family ever since. We had friends over for Halloween and cooked sausages + marshmallows in the back garden. Then I popped out for a hike with a new friend today that I’ve just met through the university. We climbed Bennachie and enjoyed a rare bit of November blue sky and sunshine. It’s starting to get dark earlier and earlier so I’m trying to stay on top of … Continue reading

Coast to Coast: Long Day Strategies

Coast to Coast, Long Day Strategies, Macs Adventure

I have always maintained that making it from Point A to Point B on a long walk is more of a mental game than an endurance test. Physical strength definitely comes into play, but I believe your mindset wins the day when it comes to covering the distance. Wainwright’s Coast to Coast is 196 miles long. Diane and I were averaging fifteen miles a day, so there was not a single day that I would have considered short by my normal walking standards. If I walked out of my house right now and traveled on foot for eight or nine … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

Autumn i n Aberdeen, In The Pipeline

Happy Fall, Y’all! I’m currently taking a break from Scotland’s gorgeous autumn (and crazy winds!) to attend a conference in Athens. But let’s be honest, the conference is just an excuse for my friend Sarabeth and I to perfect our rendition of Dancing Queen, because the very little I know about Greece is from movies like Mamma Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I know. Super classy right? Anyhoo, if you want to follow along in real time, you know I’ll be active on the Instagrams. A few links for your weekend. Shameless plug for my current piece … Continue reading