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A Camino Love Letter

Maybe you were “supposed” to be somewhere else right now, but instead you are at working from home or doing school from home, or you are doing a job where you have to wear a mask all the time. Probably, in some way, your life has changed drastically over the last several months. Something is …

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What is possible?

Come dream with me about what is possible. Near the beginning of the summer, I wrote this post about imagining something new.    I wrote it publicly, but actually I think that it was for me.    Those words have been the oars that have moved me slowly and quietly over the waves of the …

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Spring at Augustana12

The Same Walk Every Day

The Same Walk Every Day We’re moving today, so it seems like a good time to say thank you to the walk I’ve taken almost every day in the year that we’ve lived here. Since we move around quite a bit, I have come to really value the ability to take the same walk every …

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