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Autumn i n Aberdeen, In The Pipeline

Happy Fall, Y’all! I’m currently taking a break from Scotland’s gorgeous autumn (and crazy winds!) to attend a conference in Athens. But let’s be honest, the conference is just an excuse for my friend Sarabeth and I to perfect our rendition of Dancing Queen, because the very little I know about Greece is from movies like Mamma Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I know. Super classy right? Anyhoo, if you want to follow along in real time, you know I’ll be active on the Instagrams. A few links for your weekend. Shameless plug for my current piece … Continue reading

Coast to Coast: Children Welcome

Coast to Coast, Yorkshire, Kirby Stephen to Keld, Nine Standard Rigg, Children Welcome

Coast to Coast: Children Welcome We had been watching for them all day, expecting to glimpse them around almost every corner. My husband, Taido and the kids were joining us for the weekend. After five days and eighty miles, the distraction of their arrival was a welcome one, keeping my mind from focusing on the new aches and pains I was developing with each mile. I knew as we left Patterdale that it would be a long time before we met them, but I was already keeping track in my mind of what time they ought to arrive in Shap … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland, In the Pipeline

Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye Happy Weekend friends! We got back yesterday from our first visit to the Isle of Skye! We camped for three nights in the middle of a field and spent our days wandering around + falling in love with the wild west coast of Scotland. The sunshine on the autumn color in Scotland right now is making for gorgeous drives. I was a little sad to come home, but the kids are happy to back in the land of showers and wifi, and while they are resting up, I’m packing my rucksack for the … Continue reading

Coast to Coast: Meeting A 78 Year Old Fell-Walker


A voice came from the taller figure before we came around the fence. If we had known you were coming, we would have made you a cup. They were sitting with their backs to us on some old gate posts when we caught up to them, two older gentlemen, having tea. We had seen them from a long way off as we were coming across a valley, the indistinct figures of two walkers. We stopped and quickly took in the sight of these two characters, the contents of their backpacks (or rucksacks, in British speak) spilled out all over the … Continue reading

In The Pipeline


How’s your week been y’all? Mine has been about catching up on life here in Aberdeen + taking care of sick kiddos. Today is the start of our Tattie Holidays, the two weeks where everyone used to get out of school to help their families bring in the potato harvest but now is just pure holiday + extra time for Doctor Who and Snapchat, apparently. We have a couple of Mini-Adventures planned, pending sick children getting well. And other Chinos staying well. So we’ll see how that goes. Also, in addition to writing about the Coast to Coast walk, I … Continue reading

Coast to Coast: Rising to the Occasion

Coast to Coast, England, MacsAdventure, Yorkshire, Lake District

Coast to Coast: Beginnings Rising to the Occasion A year ago I had never before heard the name of Alfred Wainwright, but I had recently met one of many great hillwalkers who have walked in his footsteps. Hillwalker was a term with which I was just beginning to become familiar, having previously only used the American term, hiker to describe someone who spent their spare time wandering hills and forests. This hillwalker told me about the National Trails that exist throughout the United Kingdom, and are one of the greatest treasures of the British Isles, making walking holidays accessible to … Continue reading

In The Pipeline


Happy Weekend friends! I’m getting settled back in from my epic walk across England. I plan to start sharing stories next week, one per week for the next eight weeks or so. Lots of changes are coming to this website in 2015, one of them being that I plan to use Google+ more for photo sharing and my blog for storytelling and writing. So if you want to gorge on photos of this incredible Coast to Coast walk, you’re in luck. I already have an album up on Google+. And there’s also a photo story version if that’s more your … Continue reading

Snapshots of Engelberg

Snapshots of Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

Well, my month of posting about Switzerland has come to an end, and next week I will be turning the page on the summer and begin sharing all the fun from my latest adventure of walking Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Trail with my friend, Diane. But my memories of Switzerland would not be complete without these images of the gorgeous house where we stayed and its surroundings. We spent hours and hours enjoying this space, inside and out, and these photos will always conjure up for me memories of cool, calm mountain summer mornings and evenings. I imagine that for … Continue reading

A Walk to Schwand {Switzerland} (35/48)

Snapshots of Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

Our last walk in Engelberg began like so many others. Heading up, up, up into the forest. Morning light catching the forest floor and making me wonder if I was going to be too warm in my long sleeves. Then we would emerge from the forest and be up high, where we could see a new bit of the area. And catch a view of Engelberg from another angle. Schwand is really just another small settlement down the road from Engelberg. There is a restaurant there and a small hotel. And a lovely chapel. And more cows ringing their bells. … Continue reading

A Walk in Engelberg {Switzerland} (34/48)

Snapshots of Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

I mentioned yesterday that we walked to and from the village of Engelberg several times every day. Sometimes we went for groceries and other times to the visitor center to use the WiFi. Most days we walked through on our way to another hike in the area or to reach the local abbey to buy their freshly made cheese. But other days we wanted to play at the playground or go to the bakery. Whatever the reason, I was always up for a walk into town. The walk to Engelberg always began at the top of this hill. On a … Continue reading