Far From Home

Far From Home

Yesterday I told a story about being far from home. Like many others, I have been closely following the stories Syrian refugees who are far from home for much harder reasons than I am. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be heading to London today to attend an event with World Vision that will help tell the stories of those who are far from home this winter. Here’s one such story. I am anxious to come back and share what I learn, so watch this space. PS. I’m super grateful to the YHA at St Paul’s for giving me … Continue reading

For Love or For Money

for love or money, beach walking

For me, a small inconvenience of being far from home is that I can’t pay for everything the way everyone else does. Because I don’t have a chip and pin credit card. The fact that I have to sign for purchases is like having “I’m an AMERICAN!” written in magic marker on my forehead. I try to carry a pen with me because it helps cashiers to be less irritated about the extra step of having to file away a piece of paper with my signature on it. Most checkers very carefully compare the signature on the back of the card to my … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in November

Chasing Daylight in November, Scotland, Outdoor Challenges

Y’all, the sun will set today at 4:07pm. The weather this time of year in Scotland hurts my feelings. Many days we don’t see the sun at all but just varying shades of gray. Or grey. Then the gray fades to black before you know it. Now that we have been through two winters in Aberdeen, I have learned that it takes a lot more than a couple of walks to get me through the next three to four months. (Like a few good bottles of whisky.) But getting outside helps. A lot. Even getting outside in the rain. So in … Continue reading

In The Pipeline: November

In The Pipeline

I shared a whole bunch of autumn photos earlier this week, but maybe my favorite is this one of Simon being so super happy to see his big brother. We skipped school last week to pop over and see Cole at camp. It was the highlight of Simon’s week for sures. October was a busy month full of walks in the woods and stomping through the mud. November rain settled into Aberdeen the latter part of this week in a way that makes me feel slightly damp most of the time, which means the kettle is whistling 24/7 and I never want … Continue reading

Snapshots of Scotland in Fall


Hello Beautiful Scotland in Fall! The colors of the leaves right now are my consolation for 4:30 sunsets. They are AH-MAH-ZING. Every time I go outside, I take about fifty pictures of trees and leaves. So here are my twenty highlights from the last ten days or so. A spot discovered near Aviemore while visiting Cole last week. Bennachie, one of our favorite hikes in any season. Yellow Larch Trees in Bennachie. Even the ferns are changing colors. Bennachie again. Bennachie. From Mither Tap in Bennachie. We’ve had an unusual number of blue sky days lately. Afternoon light on the larch … Continue reading

Carve a Heart

Carve A Heart, World Vision

#CarveAHeart As a little something different this year, Simon and I carved hearts into our pumpkins in partnership with World Vision. Because Halloween is a night of “scary fun,” for my kiddos, it’s an easy time to talk about what it’s like for children all over the world to be in fear. Simon is really my only little pumpkin these days. Like most years, he draws things that are a little too complicated to carve, so we have simplify a bit when we transfer the design to our pumpkin. I remember when we first started carving pumpkins at our house, … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in Scotland: Suilvan

Suilvan, Northwest Higlands, Scotland, Hillwalking

An Epic Climb in Northwest Scotland: Suilvan Epic climb days always start early and end late. We started walking in low autumn light towards the hulking shadow rising in the distance. Our goal was before us. I love walking behind my boys. And their friends.   We made this climb during October holidays with another family from our church. Sweet friends who have wanted to climb this mountain for a long time. Well most of them have wanted to climb it for a long time. The dad first saw Suilvan over 20 years ago and has been planning to climb … Continue reading

Chocolate Salami

Chocolate Salami, Salame, Italian Dessert Recipe

So I’ve been attending this international gathering of women this fall and one week we all brought food from our countries to share. Of course Italy totally wins at All Things Food. A gal from Italy brought a cookie that is meant to appear like salami but is actually chocolate. I knew immediately that I would have to try and make it for my kids. And it turns out that it is super easy and that there are recipes all over the internet for it. You can add coffee or some kind of liquor to the mix to give the … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in Scotland: Northwest Highlands

Northwest Highlands of Scotland, Climbing Suilvan, Clashnessie, Lochinver

Last week we drove further north in the country of Scotland than we ever have before. Past Ullapool and all the way up to Clashnessie Bay. The bay is a little further north than the sleepy village of Lochinver. We drove miles and miles on tiny roads without seeing any other cars. It was eerily quiet and I loved every minute. Most of the walks we did were under glorious blue skies. And we had them all to ourselves. We walked under the constantly low light, as it seems that the sun has started to hang out on one far … Continue reading

Seafood Coconut Curry for Project Stir

Seafood Coconut Curry

The first time I ever entered an ethnic foods store was with my mother-in-law. We pulled up to a small shop in a strip mall I had been to several times, but I’d never before noticed the unassuming “Indian Grocer” placard among the other larger shop signs. Accosted by strange smells upon entering, I followed my mother-in-law into a world of unfamiliar foods that were labeled in foreign languages. I watched my mother-in-law as she shopped in this small store. She fingered little ziplock bags of spices and asked questions about soups and sauces. She collected spices and coconut milk. She bought … Continue reading