Snapshots of Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Snapshots of Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Family Travel, United Kingdom

My mom was here for three weeks in April and May and I really wanted her to have at least a little taste of seeing somewhere besides Aberdeen. I love train travel, so I spent a little time trying to find places that we could get to relatively easily via train and towns that could be explored on foot once we arrived. For our mini adventure, I settled upon three days in two towns. The first one was the coastal town of Berwick-Upon-Tweed, which is about as far north as you can get in England before crossing the border into … Continue reading

Stumbling Through History: Jews in Amsterdam Tour

The Hiding Place, Jews in Amsterdam, Corrie Ten Boom House

Every time I read a historical novel set during the Second World War or see a film that takes place during the Holocaust, I find myself hoping that the events will take a different turn. I know the way the stories go. I know what happened when the Nazis occupied a country or a town. But the knowing does not stop me hoping. Every time the yellow stars are handed out or the trains roll in, I long for the people to rise up and stand together, Jew and Gentile side by side, refusing to obey the German orders. Just one … Continue reading

In The Pipeline


        Y’all, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t shed some tears this week at my mama’s departure. Saying goodbye is not my favorite. But we had SUCH an amazing visit together. In addition to lots of fun around Aberdeen, we made a little trip to Berwick-Upon-Tweed and York. Here’s a super fun little Google story from our time away. Thankfully, I have friends (Hello, Carol & Rhonda!) arriving TODAY to head off on The Speyside Way with me this Sunday! I hope you’ll follow along! Here are a few links I’ve loved lately! We have … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in May

Chasing Daylight Challenges

I’m so happy that it’s MAY!!! Last May was a dreamy combination of spring and sunshine! And even the rainy days were welcome for the crazy color they turn everything around here. I LOVED walking St Cuthbert’s Way last May with Macs Adventure, so this year I am doing The Speyside Way, which is a gorgeous walk that is right in my backyard. I chose The Speyside Way because it is close enough to complete in small chunks. I’m going to walk three days of it with my dear friends, Carol and Rhonda, who will be heading over next week … Continue reading

Snapshots of Bikes in Amsterdam

Bikes in Amsterdam

When Taido met me at the station in Amsterdam, he immediately started warning me about the possibility of being hit by a bike. “We’ve already had a few close calls.” he said. He and the boys had been in the city for two days prior to my arrival. And while I know my tendency to wander about absent-mindedly through city streets can be a bit of a hazard, I have to say that I was so fascinated by the biking in Amsterdam that I was always watching for it. And they were everywhere. All the Chinos have said that we … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in April: City Walks in Amsterdam


My Chasing Daylight challenge for April was City Walks! And we definitely walked some cities! I keep track of my daily steps with a FitBit and I topped out in Amsterdam at over 132,000 steps! That’s a high for me this year, but way more fun than just hitting a high number of steps was that we saw so many amazing parts of the city. Walking a city is the best way to get to know a new place! All these videos are from my Vine account while we were in Amsterdam.   I try to do a little #DailyVine … Continue reading

In The Pipeline


Happy Friday! My mama is here in Scotland this month! It’s SUCH a joy to have her here and we are soaking up all the spring sunshine, going for lots of walks. And drinking lots of tea, of course. This weekend we’re off on a little train journey to stay in some lovely youth hostels in Berwick-upon-Tweed and York! Ben and Simon are along with us! While we’re gone you can always follow along on Instagram and Twitter, I’ll be back in this space soon with loads to share, in particular, lots more Amsterdam love! In the meantime, here are … Continue reading

Snapshots of Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Canals

I could go back to Amsterdam just for these canal views. It took me about ten seconds to be smitten with Amsterdam’s water ways. I just had no idea. I think every time I saw a photo of Amsterdam, I thought I was seeing the same view. I didn’t realize that you can walk (or bike) around the city for ages and still not have seen them all. Around every corner is another bridge to discover. In the afternoons, when we were tired from walking or sightseeing, we loved choosing a sidewalk cafe along a canal. We would stop for … Continue reading

Snapshots of Tea


Some of my favorite stills to snap photos of in our expat life involve tea. Cups of tea. Teapots. Sometimes flowers. And lots of times, books. We have adopted tea time in Scotland, and it does make the cold climate more bearable to keep a hot drink in your hand as often as possible. Here’s a fun collection of some of my tea snaps from the last year or so.                       How do you like your tea? I like mine with milk and lots of treats! My mom arrives this week and we’ll be having lots of cups … Continue reading

In The Pipeline


These two photos perfectly illustrate the contrasting days of weather we’ve been having in Scotland this month. Although, the clear, clear blue sky days are pretty rare. Most days definitely look more like this photo. Still though, I flipped the calendar to April this week and am happy to be progressing towards longer days. Plus I always love Holy Week. It’s one of my favorite times of year. I’ve been missing my family and our Fellowship North traditions (I missed waving my palm branch last week!) but our pastor here has preached three sermons on Isaiah 40 that have been … Continue reading