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Snapshots of Winter9

Snapshots of Walking in Winter

Snapshots of Walking in Winter in Illinois + Musings From My Wanderings Several years ago I wrote the following Richard Rohr quote on an index card and hung it up in the kitchen of the apartment we were renting. In order to live your soul into the world, you must continually loosen your beliefs about …

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Camino IIIMG_20191113_135731

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain. or The End of the Journey. This post is from the end of our walk from Logrono to Burgos, Spain. You can read more posts from this walk, or from other Camino trips.  In my longtime obsession with the Camino, I have read quite a bit about the different cities that you …

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Morgan Heart

Love Letters

Do you know what happens in February? First and foremost, it’s Black History Month, so it’s a good month to read a book by a Black American. (Need a suggestion? I got you.)  But also, February is sometimes all dressed up in PINK,  Because of St. Valentine’s Day.  Which I know has been co-opted into …

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