Chasing Daylight in July: Part 1 (The Lakes)


Chasing Daylight in July has been all about being outside with friends and family. Some of the those days have been drop dead gorgeous. But most of them have seen at least a few hours of rain. However, the weather has not stopped us from making the most of our kids’ short summer holidays. As soon as school was out, we headed straight for this darling cottage in the Lake District. I’ve loved the Lake District something fierce ever since we first visited two years ago, and after walking Wainwright’s Coast to Coast last year, I feel like I’ve left … Continue reading

Snapshots of the Speyside Sistas

Speyside Sistas, Speyside Way, Macs Adventure, Whisky Trail

The spring and summer months are so full around our house that sometimes I move from one event to the next without fully processing the first one. That is a little bit how it was to go from the Speyside Way in the middle of May to the Camino at the beginning of June. But both of these walks were really special. The walks themselves were gorgeous. And the places we stayed were beautiful. And we ate wonderful food and had delectable drinks (Malt Whisky on the Speyside, Sangria and Spanish wine on the Camino). But really what makes these … Continue reading

Six Months of Chasing Daylight


I really can’t believe it but 2015 is half over already. What even? The way time moves so. very. fast. is part of why I love doing these monthly outdoor challenges, because even if the month is over before I blink, I can still look back on these cards and my days of walking and see that bit by bit, I am accomplishing something. I am setting aside time to do the things that are important to me. Getting outside brings me all kinds of JOY. Even thought I LOVE it, I know from experience that I can let it … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in July

Chasing Daylight, Chino House, Outdoor Challenges

Chasing Daylight in July should not be hard. The days are long and the walking opportunities abound! We are currently in the Lake District and later this month, we will spend a week on the Kintyre Peninsula (West Coast of Scotland), so I hope to wrack up the steps on my FitBit and discover some new trails. My goal is to have a week’s worth (seven!) new trails to share with you when July is over. Let the memory making begin!! Happy Summer!

Lessons from my Grandmother


My Mama Polly Stone-cold sober, she was more free in spirit than most people are three sheets to the wind. I won’t be able to be at her memorial service today, but as my family has gathered photos and stories back home, I have been thinking about all my grandmother has given to me over the years. I cherish the days of learning to make blackberry jam in her kitchen at Chimney Cliff, but the intangibles that I’ve discovered in my heart as I’ve sat for a couple of days in a world she no longer inhabits are almost more … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline, Bailey, Chino House

It’s been rainy and cold in Aberdeen for days. Like, how can it even be summer? I turned my heat back on a couple of days ago. Simon and I have been building fires in the backyard while my family sends me whiny texts about the heat in Arkansas. Cray. The highlight of our week was that we got to hang out with our good friend Bailey Via who stopped over between a semester in Capetown and heading back to America. She never saw the sun in Aberdeen, but we still managed to have loads of fun. We went for … Continue reading

Speyside Way Stories: Castle Closed

Castle Closed, Scotland, Security, Chino House

Excuse me, miss, can I help you? I knew I was in trouble by the tone of his voice, but I was buying time. Um, no, actually, I don’t think so. I answered meekly. He came back with, What are you doing, exactly? Me: Well, we’re just walking down this road. (stating the obvious) And, um we well, we were going to have a look at the castle. Him: Excuse me, what did that sign say? He said this while pointing back down the road towards a gate we had shimmied over. You could not actually see the gate from … Continue reading

Speyside Way Stories: Trail Mum

Cragganmore House, Speyside Way, Speyside Sistas, Macs Adventure

We had expected to be at the end of the day’s walk by 5pm. We got an early start on our fifteen mile day, heading out under blue skies that promised to turn rainy later in the afternoon. We reached our highest point before lunch. All downhill from here, I thought. Piece of cake. I forgot how moorlands can stretch on forever. And how the rain can blow in without warning. I don’t always remember how the rain thrashes you around a bit when the wind blows. And then little bits of hail can hit hit your face so hard … Continue reading

Coastal Walk With Mama: New Slain’s Castle


Back in April, when the whether was delightful and my mama was in town, I fell in love with a new bit of Scotland’s east coast. The walk begins near Cruden Bay, where we found a wee boat with my mama’s name on it: Julie!   Blue skies + rugged coastline + castle ruins = Dreamy! New Slain’s Castle. Word is that this castle was the inspiration for Dracula. On a windy, rainy day, I bet it’s a bit more creepy. There’s a window a little further up the walk that is also called the Camel’s Hump. We got as … Continue reading

In The Pipeline


  Just popping in with a quick HELLO! from the Camino. How are you! Are you loving our silly videos? We’re loving making them. Here are a few links I’ve been collecting lately: A friend from back home sent me this link to a blog of a gal who’s walking the full Camino this month and posting daily photos. Impressive! And this fella did the exact portion of the Camino that we are doing. Don’t be like me and wait to collect your Pilgrim’s Passport for the Camino until you arrive. I think I found my next home. Beautiful. Arkansas … Continue reading