In The Pipeline

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Hello friends, What have you been up to this month? This weekend we are saying goodbye to February with an ice skating outing. And on Monday, I’ll be saying Hello to March with a trip to Malta with First Choice Holidays. Please let there be sunshine. I went on a walk for February’s #ChasingDaylight challenge, but it was not the walk I originally planned. This should simply serve as a reminder that all challenges are loose guidelines, but the main thing is to get outside and enjoy whatever light the day has to offer! A few links: We’ve entered into … Continue reading

Explore the Elements

Aberdeen Beach, Water, Explore the Elements, Scotland

As soon as I saw this Explore the Elements Photo Contest, I knew that I wanted to enter it, and I was smitten (and a little intimidated) by this incredible example entry by one of the judges. I love the idea of exploring the elements, the raw power of nature and the way it connects to something deep within each of us when we see something of great beauty. For my entry, I have tried to only use images that came from that kind of experience for me this year. Each of these photos represents a moment that I was stopped … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in Arbroath, Scotland

Chasing Daylight, Arbroath, Scotland, Cliff Walking

“Well, this is some family hike!” Ben was indignant from the back seat that the family hike we had been planning for over a week for our Valentine’s Day outing was being missed by two members of our family. Somehow the perfectly reasonable 10am leaving time had become not-so-reasonable to everyone involved, the result being that when the van pulled out of the driveway, we were short a couple of Chinos. Pressing on, Taido and I did our best to convince Ben and Simon that we would still have a fun day, even if the misty morning was declaring otherwise … Continue reading

A Story about Babies on Airplanes

Airplanes and babies, Flying with kids

Would it be awkward for me to come up to you on an airplane and ask to hold your crying baby? I mean I know that you don’t know me. But I’m melting over here into a puddle in 30D because your frazzled state is taking me back. I remember the sweating from the endless pat, pat, pat and bounce, bounce, bounce. I recall the crackers on the floor and the toys flying out into the aisle. I can get in touch with trying to block out the stares and moans of other passengers while I try to entertain a … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

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Well, now that I’m back from a few days of poolside cocktails and sandy toes, Cape Verde seems like a dream. But I’m excited to be bundling up for the weekend back here in Aberdeen. The kids have a few days off of school, so we’re heading into the woods tomorrow for Valentine’s Day. And tonight Taido and I are off to the city sans enfants. #HotDate So while I go find my red corduroys, enjoy a few links: I read a bunch of books while I was traveling last week. My favorites: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry , which made … Continue reading

Snapshots from Cape Verde

Sal, Cape Verde, Africa, Snapshots of the World

I hope you’ll excuse me for getting just a little out of control on Instagram last week. Sunshine has a way of making me slightly giddy. I also took my big camera along to Cape Verde, and these were my favorite seven shots. I stayed in a gorgeous resort with First Choice Holidays called Melia Dunas. The resort has eight swimming pools and they all have bars conveniently located right next to the pools. A sun lounger and a cocktail is about all I need to be happy on holiday. Follow the volcanic cobblestones to the beach at Melia Dunas. … Continue reading

7 Ingredient Healthy Cookies

healthy cookies, gluten free, sugar free, vegan

Y’all I am not really all in for dieting in January. When it’s cold outside I want the comfort of food. Real. Food. But we went home to Arkansas for Christmas and we ate ALL THE THINGS. And we ate A LOT of all of the thing things. Like I’ve had to wear my curvy jeans since we got back to Scotland. So in an effort to have the comfort of food but to take a break from the sugar highs (and lows) of the holidays, I’ve been making these cookies. They are a variation on these from Minimalist Baker. … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in February

Chasing Daylight, February Challenge, Chino House

So did you manage to catch a sunrise in January? If not, you can still do January’s sunrise challenge anytime! I will still cheer you on. I, for one, am glad January is over and that we are one month closer to spring and summer. February’s outdoor challenge is to go on a walk from one town to another. Bonus points if you make a weekend of it and spend the night along the way or in one of the towns! The kids have a long weekend in February so the boys are going to come along with me on … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

IN The Pipeline, Chino House Chalkboard Art

Y’all, a couple of weeks ago I painted a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint and it has made me ridiculously happy. Seriously. Adding the tiniest bit of creative to my life + my house was a really good idea! We even used it to write the background for our latest Chino House youTube video: So we watched this video about British sweets and then we decided to make our own. FUN STUFF! Bonus: Ben got new glasses this week and I kinda love them. Also he totally edited this video. More links! Here are 25 more ways to … Continue reading

Winter Walking in Scotland

Winter Wakling, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Back in December, we were living with just under six hours of daylight. Miraculously, I actually had a friend visit during this dark season, so one day we made the most of what we had to work with and took off to Royal Deeside for a walk in Glen Tanar. It was meant to be a fairly short walk. Maybe a couple of hours. But I took a wrong turn (or two) and we ended up being out for twice that. Long shadows all day long make the bare trees kind of gorgeous in the wintertime. We have had more … Continue reading