Chasing Daylight in April

Chasing Daylight in April

It’s a new month! And time for a new outdoor challenge! April will be all about city walks for the Chinos. My days (and Instagram feed) will be filled with some fun new-to-me cities this month! We’re off to Amsterdam for the first week of Easter holidays and then later in the month we will be visiting York! If you have suggestions for either of these great cities, please do pass them along! Where are you Chasing Daylight this month?

Chasing Daylight in March: A Long Walk Across Town

Chasing Daylight, March, Aberdeen, City Centre

So, the Chasing Daylight March Challenge was to walk (or bike) somewhere I would normally drive. I was going to try to walk to a friend’s house that is about six miles away from me, but when Simon asked me to get a new string for his cello from the music shop, I decided that a trip across town would fit the challenge. Top Note Music is a little over three miles from my house, so I chose a pretty day and headed off into Aberdeen. I actually don’t get into the city that often, because I would rather walk … Continue reading

Snapshots of London

Snapshots of London, Travelodge Staycation, What to Do in London, London with Kids

Oh London Town! You just don’t ever get old. Sometimes I dream about living in London. Just for a season, I think it would be fun to be surrounded by this much history and culture and beauty! Our most recent visit was a short weekend escape sponsored by Travelodge, City Cruises and Context Travel. Taido and I planned it as a belated anniversary celebration and we took Simon along because the other three kids had a weekend away. We started Saturday with a quick stop in Hamley’s (amazing toy store!) and then a visit to The British Museum. This museum … Continue reading

Bankside Beach Combing for History

London History Tour, Context Travel, Thames River Treasures

Bankside Beach Combing for History: A London History Tour Simon was waiting for me as I got my usual pat down in security. (My dreads always have to be manually checked to be sure I’m not hiding something in them.) We both walked over to where his backpack had been flagged. The man behind the counter pulled the long, rusted piece of metal out of a plastic bag, “What is this?” he asked. I looked at Simon to see if he was going to answer. He began quietly, “Well, it’s something we found by the river…” he looked up at … Continue reading

In The Pipeline: 8 Year Blogaversary


How’s your week been, folks? We’re excited to be officially in  spring. Even though the temperatures are not dramatically warmer, there is a noticeable difference in the landscape. Daffodils are starting to bloom and hyacinths are pushing up from the ground. I love this time of year. Only two more weeks of school for our Easter Holidays. (We get two weeks off!) We’re meeting my mother-in-law in Amsterdam for the first week and then my mama arrives the second. #SuperExcited I received this notification on my phone from WordPress this week and it made me smile. Eight years is a … Continue reading

Snapshots of Mornings in Malta

Mornings in Malta

I just couldn’t say goodbye to blogging about Malta without posting a few of these memories from my mornings. I always get up early when I’m traveling. I watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee and write in my journal. The mornings are usually my quiet moments before full days of sightseeing and I savor each one.    I went to Malta with First Choice Holidays as part of being chosen to be a First Choice Out of Office Blogger, which has been a fab way to see some new parts of the world.

With A Rock and Stone

Malta Limestone Heritage

With a Rock and Stone: A Story about Malta’s Limestone Heritage I could not stop taking photos of the detailed limestone carvings. After my third or fourth question about the soft honey-colored rocks, my attentive guide made a phone call and added an unplanned stop to our itinerary. “I haven’t been here since I was a child,” Jeremy explained as he reversed out of a wrong turn. He soon found his way to The Limestone Heritage, a retired limestone quarry that now serves as an interactive museum and living history of the role the sun bleached stones play in Maltese … Continue reading

Snapshots of Malta

Malta, Blue Window, Gozo, Azure Window

Sharing a few of my favorite shots from my recent trip to Malta with First Choice Holidays. Anytime I’m near the water, I try to catch the sunrise, which is a lot easier to do when you can see it from your balcony. I first glimpsed this city on a hill on my ride from the airport Tuesday night. In the dark, the fortress glowed in the distance and I asked my driver what it was. “That’s Mdina,” he told me, “It is called The Silent City because cars are not allowed within the walls except for those owned by the … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in March

Chasing Daylight, March Challenge, Outdoors

Happy March! I’m always happy to say goodbye to February and this year is no exception. March may bring the spring rains, but it also brings daffodils and longer days. This month’s challenge is to walk somewhere you would normally drive. I already walk a lot of places, so I’m going to push myself to walk somewhere new and far! We’ll see how it goes. I would love to hear where you walk (or bike) to this month! Cheers to a new month of getting outside and #ChasingDaylight! PS You can also go back to any of the other outdoor … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline, Let's Be Wanderers, Journal

Hello friends, What have you been up to this month? This weekend we are saying goodbye to February with an ice skating outing. And on Monday, I’ll be saying Hello to March with a trip to Malta with First Choice Holidays. Please let there be sunshine. I went on a walk for February’s #ChasingDaylight challenge, but it was not the walk I originally planned. This should simply serve as a reminder that all challenges are loose guidelines, but the main thing is to get outside and enjoy whatever light the day has to offer! A few links: We’ve entered into … Continue reading