Happy Christmas


Hello friends! We’re excited to be wrapping up 2014 in Arkansas. Since I’ll be visiting with friends and family, the blog will be a bit quiet for the rest of December, but I wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for reading and walking with me this year! I hope you have a beautiful Christmas season and I look forward to sharing adventures with you again in 2015. Happy Christmas with SO MUCH LOVE from all the Chinos! Thanks so much to Whitney Loibner for our gorgeous family photo, taken this past summer in Switzerland.   

A Walk in Arkansas (48/48)


Friends, this is it. Number #48 of #48walks! I’m ending an epic year of walking with this early morning walk up a mountain while I was home in Arkansas this past September. Walking with friends who love me even if my dreadlocks blow into their faces. YIKES! I got to pop home in September for an Arkansas Women Blogger Conference, so I fit in a few walks with my dear, dear friends. Pinnacle Mountain is about a mile and a half to the top and back. It’s not super long but you do have to navigate some boulders. This walk … Continue reading

A Walk to the Store (47/48)

A Walk to the Store

One of the starkest changes that moving to Scotland has brought to my life involves the way I do grocery shopping. I used to make a couple of trips to the store per week in addition to one large shopping trip to my neighborhood Sam’s club. With my current kitchen and appliance sizes, buying in bulk is really not an option. We have a large supermarket within a stone’s throw of our house, so I have been walking to the store almost daily for groceries. I still plan my meals out about a week in advance, but I just pick … Continue reading

Mary Polly’s Walk to School (46/48)

Mary Polly's Walk to School, Scotland

The path between our house and school is the one we have probably frequented the most since moving to Scotland. I’m super excited because my daughter, Mary Polly has agreed to tell you about her long walk to and from school. Enjoy! Walking to School by Mary Polly Chino Two years ago if you told me I would be walking two miles to school every day and two miles back, I would have laughed in your face. Walking to school? Isn’t that what the kids do in The Little House on The Prairie? I wouldn’t have even considered taking a … Continue reading

A November Walk in Aberdeenshire {Scotland} (45/48)

November, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Loch Kinord

Oh Scotland in November. You are beautiful in your own way. Eeking out a few daylight hours between blankets of darkness. Misty walks among bare trees. Constant rain making the rivers flow hard and fast. Your autumn colors are all dark red browns painted between the evergreen. We race to stretch our legs during the precious few hours of daylight on a Saturday. Bundled up, we tromp and climb and get mud on our boots. Walking in August is all generous sunlight but late autumn walks under a dull gray sky make the long nights more bearable. Sleep comes easy … Continue reading

Snapshots of Athens {Greece} (44/48)

Snapshots of Athens, Greece

On my last morning in Athens, Sarabeth had to catch a 5am bus to the airport, so I got up early to walk her to her stop, grabbed some coffee and then had a wander around the city by myself. No agenda. No maps. No rules. Just me and my camera. Walking and watching. I did this for about four hours before I hopped on the Metro to go catch my plane home. I love walking around a city early in the day before it’s busy. Here are my photos from that morning. Enjoy!

A Walk in Meteora {Greece} (43/48)


I would love to one day meet the free climbing monks who hauled stones in baskets to build monasteries on the tops of these otherworldly rock formations. I think they must have possessed a patience and determination that is practically nonexistent in today’s world. We wandered in their footsteps, through the woods and up staircases, walking through the buildings these monks called home hundreds of years ago. We even saw some of their preserved skulls. (Yikes) But I could not quite get inside the minds of these monks. I pictured their arrival, their wondering in amazement at the rocks that … Continue reading

A Walk near Craigievar Castle {Scotland} (42/48)

Craigievar Castle, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Our summer went by really fast and we got to do so much that I have almost forgotten some of my favorite days. Slow days in Scotland with friends and family. Like this one, when we Sarabeth was in town and we went to Craigievar Castle, a place in Aberdeenshire that may have inspired the original Disney Princess Castle. My kids were still in school at this point, so Sarabeth and I were exploring castles and gardens. Taido was along with us this day, and we walked these woods around the castle before it opened up for the day. This … Continue reading

A Walk to Lac Blanc {France} (41/48)

A Walk to Lac Blanc, Chamonix, France

While we were in Switzerland this past summer, we took a quick camping trip to the French Alps. We only managed to get in one real climb while we were there, apart from walks around our campground and the darling mountain town of Chamonix. Taido chose a hike to Lac Blanc, a long walk up to a lake that would take us past gorgeous vistas of Mount Blanc and many of the other striking peaks in the area. But when we started up the mountain, we couldn’t see much of anything. Well, we did see a few mountain goats. That … Continue reading

An August Walk in Aberdeenshire {Scotland} (40/48)

Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Heather, 48walks

I’m finding that looking back at my summer walks is a wonderful antidote to dark gray winter days in Aberdeen. This August day spent wandering the Shire was glorious. The skies were blue. The heather was in bloom. The kids were happy. Well, the kids that came were happy. (We left one sullen teenager at home this day.) These photos are a timely reminder for me that the world will be this bright again. And with time flying by faster than I can take notes, that day will probably arrive sooner than I think. Thank goodness for heather covered hills … Continue reading