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Happy Friday! My mama is here in Scotland this month! It’s SUCH a joy to have her here and we are soaking up all the spring sunshine, going for lots of walks. And drinking lots of tea, of course. This weekend we’re off on a little train journey to stay in some lovely youth hostels in Berwick-upon-Tweed and York! Ben and Simon are along with us! While we’re gone you can always follow along on Instagram and Twitter, I’ll be back in this space soon with loads to share, in particular, lots more Amsterdam love! In the meantime, here are … Continue reading

Snapshots of Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Canals

I could go back to Amsterdam just for these canal views. It took me about ten seconds to be smitten with Amsterdam’s water ways. I just had no idea. I think every time I saw a photo of Amsterdam, I thought I was seeing the same view. I didn’t realize that you can walk (or bike) around the city for ages and still not have seen them all. Around every corner is another bridge to discover. In the afternoons, when we were tired from walking or sightseeing, we loved choosing a sidewalk cafe along a canal. We would stop for … Continue reading

Snapshots of Tea


Some of my favorite stills to snap photos of in our expat life involve tea. Cups of tea. Teapots. Sometimes flowers. And lots of times, books. We have adopted tea time in Scotland, and it does make the cold climate more bearable to keep a hot drink in your hand as often as possible. Here’s a fun collection of some of my tea snaps from the last year or so.                       How do you like your tea? I like mine with milk and lots of treats! My mom arrives this week and we’ll be having lots of cups … Continue reading

In The Pipeline


These two photos perfectly illustrate the contrasting days of weather we’ve been having in Scotland this month. Although, the clear, clear blue sky days are pretty rare. Most days definitely look more like this photo. Still though, I flipped the calendar to April this week and am happy to be progressing towards longer days. Plus I always love Holy Week. It’s one of my favorite times of year. I’ve been missing my family and our Fellowship North traditions (I missed waving my palm branch last week!) but our pastor here has preached three sermons on Isaiah 40 that have been … Continue reading

Snapshots of Scotland: March Walks

Cairngorms, Highlands, Scotland March Walks, Snapshots of Scotland

Walking in Scotland throughout the Month of March  We spent the first weekend of March in London, but since then, we have gotten out for forest walks every Saturday in March. Additionally one Wednesday, I went with a couple of friends to do a local coastal walk. I think getting outside has gotten me through the winter, plus (hopefully) all this walking will help me be ready for two long distance walks I have coming up soon! Here’s our month of walking (and #ChasingDaylight) in photos! Saturday, March 14th.  A Walk from Ballater: Sgor Buidhe Our first Saturday out in … Continue reading

Chasing Daylight in April

Chasing Daylight in April

It’s a new month! And time for a new outdoor challenge! April will be all about city walks for the Chinos. My days (and Instagram feed) will be filled with some fun new-to-me cities this month! We’re off to Amsterdam for the first week of Easter holidays and then later in the month we will be visiting York! If you have suggestions for either of these great cities, please do pass them along! Where are you Chasing Daylight this month?

Chasing Daylight in March: A Long Walk Across Town

Chasing Daylight, March, Aberdeen, City Centre

So, the Chasing Daylight March Challenge was to walk (or bike) somewhere I would normally drive. I was going to try to walk to a friend’s house that is about six miles away from me, but when Simon asked me to get a new string for his cello from the music shop, I decided that a trip across town would fit the challenge. Top Note Music is a little over three miles from my house, so I chose a pretty day and headed off into Aberdeen. I actually don’t get into the city that often, because I would rather walk … Continue reading

Snapshots of London

Snapshots of London, Travelodge Staycation, What to Do in London, London with Kids

Oh London Town! You just don’t ever get old. Sometimes I dream about living in London. Just for a season, I think it would be fun to be surrounded by this much history and culture and beauty! Our most recent visit was a short weekend escape sponsored by Travelodge, City Cruises and Context Travel. Taido and I planned it as a belated anniversary celebration and we took Simon along because the other three kids had a weekend away. We started Saturday with a quick stop in Hamley’s (amazing toy store!) and then a visit to The British Museum. This museum … Continue reading

Bankside Beach Combing for History

London History Tour, Context Travel, Thames River Treasures

Bankside Beach Combing for History: A London History Tour Simon was waiting for me as I got my usual pat down in security. (My dreads always have to be manually checked to be sure I’m not hiding something in them.) We both walked over to where his backpack had been flagged. The man behind the counter pulled the long, rusted piece of metal out of a plastic bag, “What is this?” he asked. I looked at Simon to see if he was going to answer. He began quietly, “Well, it’s something we found by the river…” he looked up at … Continue reading

In The Pipeline: 8 Year Blogaversary


How’s your week been, folks? We’re excited to be officially in  spring. Even though the temperatures are not dramatically warmer, there is a noticeable difference in the landscape. Daffodils are starting to bloom and hyacinths are pushing up from the ground. I love this time of year. Only two more weeks of school for our Easter Holidays. (We get two weeks off!) We’re meeting my mother-in-law in Amsterdam for the first week and then my mama arrives the second. #SuperExcited I received this notification on my phone from WordPress this week and it made me smile. Eight years is a … Continue reading