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Musee Oceanographique, Musée Océanographique, Monaco, Monaco-Ville, Mediterranean Cruise, European travel, What to do in Monaco, view from Musee Oceanographique

Snapshots of Monaco’s Musée Océanographique

Perched atop cliffs, overlooking the Mediterranean sea was our favorite stop in Monaco, the Musée Océanographique. What is funny is that I probably would not have toured it if I hadn’t had Mary Polly with me.  The Musée Océanographique dates from 1901 and was the brainchild of Prince Albert I. Jacques Cousteau was even the director …

Monaco, Port of Monaco, Mediterranean Cruise, What to do in Monaco, Monte-Carlo, Monaco-Ville, Europe, European Travel

Snapshots of Monaco

In September of 2012, my daughter, Mary Polly and I went on a Mediterranean cruise on the ship, the Carnival Breeze.  This post is about our first stop. Cruise Port: Monaco. We had attended our cruise director’s lecture on the highlights of the cruise port Monaco and he was not lying when he told us …