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Winter in Tübingen, Winter in Germany

Snapshots of Winter Walks in Germany

Winter Germany Walking Winter is finally letting up here in Germany, but we’ve had lots of snow and icy days since December. There have been lots of frosty walks, and attempts to get our faces in the sun. Although there were many days in January when there was no sun to be found. Still, the …

Snapshots of Tubingen, Germany, Deutschland, Schloss Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein Castle

A Walk to Lichtenstein Castle, Germany (Schloss Lichtenstein, Deutschland)

Lichtenstein Castle (German: Schloss Lichtenstein), also known as the “Fairy tale castle of Württemberg,” is an 1840s Biedermeier style Gothic Revival castle built on a large rock near Honau, Reutlingen, in the Swabian Jura situated in the Tüblingen region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. -wikipedia We set out from our flat in Tübingen on a recent Saturday to hike to Lichtenstein Castle. After taking a bus and a train to the nearby town …