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Crathes Castle, Scotland, Banchory

Crathes Castle in Banchory, Scotland

Visiting Crathes Castle You could make an entire trip just out of visiting castles in Scotland.  There are soooo many!  I have already collected more brochures and flyers for castles than we can possibly see this year! We stopped at Crathes Castle on our way home from a quick getaway last week.  The castle is …

Back To School In Aberdeen, Scotland, Week 2

Aberdeen, Scotland, Week 3

Our third week in Aberdeen has been made brighter by the fact that my mama is here!  I’m so grateful that we planned for her to come so soon, so that she could help us all settle in.  She encourages the kids daily and her smile makes us all feel like we are doing great …

Aberdeen At First Glance, Scotland,Travel With Children, Moving Abroad, The North Sea, Beach

Aberdeen, Scotland At First Glance

Our first two days in Aberdeen, Scotland have been marked mostly by our search for a home.  However, we have been taking it all in as we have wandered about and so here are our first glimpses of our new home town. Aberdeen, Scotland At First Glance At the moment, we are staying with a …