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Back to the Camino

Well friends,

It’s that time again.

I’m headed back to the Camino de Santiago.

My hope is to walk 266 miles (428 kilometers) of the Camino this time around.

My sister will help me get started in the Pyrenees, then I’ll walk for a week by myself.

And Lord willing,

when I get to the last section,

I will be joined by a group of precious ladies for the final 100 kilometers.

I know things are changing every day right now, so even though I am hoping and praying that they all get to come,

I am trusting that this walk will be exactly as it is meant to be.

And I will walk it like every walk I have done before now:

One step at a time.

For a long time now, walking has been my small way of bringing light and hope to the world,

and I would love for you to join me.

Preemptive Love is facilitating a Move for Peace in September 2021, so I am joining up with them to walk for peace!

They are one of my favorite organizations doing beautiful work in the world, so I couldn’t be more excited to ask you to donate to their work in honor of this walk.

Give $428 for 428 kilometers. Give $266 for 266 miles. Give $48 because I’m turning 48 while I am walking!

Or give whatever you can.

AND you can also join the Move for Peace yourself this September!

(We would be honored to have you join our team. After you sign up, you have the option to choose a team. Just look for “Humility Walk Team” on the list.)

Let’s Move for Peace together this September, friends! 

I am hoping to send updates from the trail via this blog feed, so I hope you’ll come along for the virtual ride. 🙂

Whether you’re a long time follower of my walks, a copywriting client, a friend who keeps up with my crazy life via this blog or a brand new subscriber, I hope you feel a tiny glimmer of hope knowing that I am out here walking and praying for our beautiful world!

Signing off with BIG LOVE, GRATITUDE, and newly blue hair (!!),


Blue hair Alison


  1. Wow, love the hair colour, very brave Alison. My friend Andrea, whom you may know, is hoping to do some of the trail, I think , in October.
    Let me know your prayer requests. Celebrating big 60 this year, retirement maybe in 2 years. We’ll see, I’m hoping that by that time I’ll have worked out what I’ll do post retirement.
    God bless you and praying for safety and lots of good conversations.

    1. Yay for big birthdays and retirement!! Exciting!! I’m excited for Andrea heading to the Camino too. It’s such a special trail!!

      Thank you so much for your prayers and for supporting me along the way!! Lots of love!!!

  2. Walk on!! Love the blue hair…

    1. Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  3. […] If you’re following along on our Camino journey, I would love for you to consider giving to the Move for Peace. Read more about that here. […]

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