Alison Chino, American copywriter living abroad in Germany

Hi. My name is Alison.

I started pouring out my bleeding heart onto white blank pages when I was a little girl.

As a teenager, I always carried a notebook, hoping to capture every fleeting bolt of inspiration.

So I became a writer.

I still start every single day with my journal and a pen.

On this blog I tell stories and share photos of places I wander.

Elsewhere on the internet, I write about travel. Which is super fun.

But my day job is copywriting. I spend my days writing and editing blog posts, about pages, eCourses, eBooks and any just about any other kind of web copy you can imagine.

I love the dual challenge of finding and telling the story whether I am writing about a walk, a town, a person or a business.

 I would love to help you tell your story!

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Want to know little more about me?

A few years ago my husband and I packed up our kids and moved to Scotland.

(Here’s the story about how we ended up there.)

Now we live in Germany.

We’ve also lived in Chicago and Seattle, but a sleepy community across the Arkansas River from Little Rock will always be home to me.

Chino Family

I want to live in a world where the refugee is always welcome, black men walk the streets of America without fear, and children play outside until the sun goes down.

So I pray a lot.

I spend as much time outside as possible, praying, walking and just being.

Lately I am really liking this quote by Evelyn Underhill:

We mostly spend [our] lives conjugating three verbs: to Want, to Have, and to Do… forgetting that none of these verbs have any ultimate significance, except so far as they are transcended by and included in , the fundamental verb, to Be.

I’m a preacher’s daughter, which probably explains why I still hold sacred the ritual of going to church every Sunday. I usually cry at some point in the service, because after over forty years, I still find the concept of grace to be amazing.

I cry easily. I also laugh so loud that it embarrasses my children. (I think both of these have to do with the fact that I’m a 4 on the Enneagram.)

l take my beloved Le Creuset Dutch oven everywhere we go. I fill it up with soup. I also make a mean chicken pot pie. Sometimes one of my kids asks me for a recipe, so I keep posting them even though the internet is already flooded with gorgeous food blogs.

Once a month I share a little family news, whatever book I happen to be reading and all kinds of lovely things I find on the internet.

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