In The Pipeline

In The PIpeline, Daily Walk, Aberdeen

Do tell me friend, how many cups of tea have you had this week? I can promise you, whatever the number, I’ve had more. Seriously, Rainy Weather + Shorter Days + NaNoWriMo = Drinking Tea All Day Long. I am banging my head against the wall computer, trying to get my word count done each day. For some reason, the writing has been really hard for me this time around. The good news is that I met for the first time ever with a writing coach and I actually feel a little more hopeful about my writing than I have … Continue reading

the poet and his issues

more quotes from snow…i know you can’t get enough… on a poem ka writes during a major political upheaval in the city (artistic excuses!): one of its important ideas was the poet’s ability to shut off part of his mind even while the world is in turmoil. if this meant that a poet had no more connection to the present than a ghost did, such was the price a poet had to pay for his art! on being a poet and believing (or not believing) in God. a student speaking to the poet, ka: you could hear God inside you, … Continue reading