leaving whistler

I wrote this yesterday, but what I would really like to post about is the extremely convoluted way we are getting internet right now, but I don’t have time. So let me just say that this is it on internet for the week. I have a couple of things coming up on their own, but I won’t be around to reply to or enjoy your comments until Saturday when we return to civilization. So peace out from the moon. Sunday, August 10, 2008 North Cascades National Park So we left Whistler yesterday around 11am. We said goodbye to Kyle and … Continue reading

he’s still under the covers

So the first thing Ben asks whenever we arrive at a new place is, Is this a bear encounter? I am not even exactly sure how this became the way he asks if we are in bear country. It started three years ago when we were camping in Colorado and he mis-read a sign about bear country. While the rest of us are sort of enchanted with the possibility of seeing a bear, he is pretty much freaked out by it. Cole capitalizes ruthlessly on this fear by constantly pointing out bear tracks and scat, sometimes real but more often … Continue reading

smiling’s my favorite

There are a lot of things I love in life. In fact, I find I am constantly talking about some little thing I just love. Or saying, you just have to try this. Or you must read this. I have a lot of favorites. I love super bike trails like the ones that network all over Whistler, BC. I am still so excited every time I watch Ben on his bike. The other day he said, Mom, I think I am pretty much used to falling down on my bike now. And that’s a good thing, because he constantly looks … Continue reading

stay out of my way…

…big giant rocks. Not even this was going to get in between me and my shower. Yesterday morning, Taido gets this phone call and I overhear him saying things like, Oh, no! Oh my goodness! Well, what about Monday? If we wait until Monday, can we still stay for a whole week? And that’s when I started to panic. I was down to less than 24 hours before a fall that the condo in Whistler was going to break. I just didn’t think there was anyway I could go 72 instead. So he hangs up and I am like… WHAT! … Continue reading