A Story about the Louvre Museum

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I have a secret to tell you about the Louvre Museum in Paris. I know what you’re thinking. How can anyone possibly discover anything new about the Louvre that has not already been covered ad nauseum on the internet? And maybe you are right. But I had done my homework before going to the Louvre. Not the homework about what is actually inside the Louvre. I mean, I know that is important and all but hello, OVERWHELMING. No, what I mean is that I had done my homework about the best way to get into the Louvre. The best time … Continue reading

A Story about Airport Security

I try not to hate airports. I really do. Hating is just not in keeping with the positive energy force for good that I want to be in life. So I focus on the end goal of what the airport, or more accurately the airplane, is bringing. A new destination. An adventure. Or arriving home after a trip, which can be equally sweet. But sometimes the airport gets the better of me. The stripping down and pulling oneself and one’s things apart to get through the security lines. Everyone except for the person watching the bags on the screen is … Continue reading

Meet Me In Paris?

Y’all, let me be honest for a second. I spend a seriously sick number of hours planning trips that might not ever even happen. Just last week I did a ton of research for a camping trip to the Isle of Skye that we canceled because of A) rain and B) grumpy teenagers. Since we’ve moved to Europe, I’m all THE WORLD IS AT OUR FINGERTIPS! And Taido is like, Honey, we don’t have to fit all three years of traveling into our first three months here. But still.  There are worlds to discover. Sometimes I plan that we will … Continue reading

Letter About Traveling Abroad

Travel Abroad Letter, Love Alison

A year ago Mary Polly and I were about to set sail on our Mediterranean Cruise.  We’ve been reliving the memories and marveling at all that has happened in a year. When Mary Polly and I boarded our airplane for home at the end of our trip, we had no idea that less than a year later, we’d be living in Scotland. And though this move has been difficult in many ways, there is no doubt that it is the fulfillment of a dream.  (Or an obsession, as Taido says.)  On the days the dream threatens to undue me (yesterday … Continue reading

In The Pipeline

Moving Abroad, In The Pipeline, Chinos To Scotland

While househunting, we have been enjoying the kind hospitality of three different new sets of friends, for which we are super thankful! We got the kids all squared away to start school next week and spent today shopping for their uniforms.  Lots going on! For weeks I’ve been reading info on moving abroad, traveling in Europe and life in Aberdeen, and I wanted to share a few of the links I’ve found most helpful, just in case you find yourself in a similar situation one day! Enjoy. Here’s the WikiTravel Guide for Aberdeen. Helpful info on weather, getting around and … Continue reading

5 Ways To Explore The Beautiful Aquitaine Region of France

Beynac-et-Cazenac, Dordogne, Aquitaine, 5 Ways To Explore Beautiful Aquitaine France

5 Ways to Explore Beautiful Aquitaine, France by Angie Picardo Aquitaine is one of France’s beloved areas for tourism. It has long stretches of coastal landscapes, including many beaches, along the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side of the region, the mountainous terrain of the Pyrenees. Located in the southwestern part of France, it is also rife with history. At one time Aquitaine was called Gallia Aquitania and was a province of the Roman Empire. This period dates back to 27 BC. By 507 AD, the Franks had taken over rule. Here is a short list of some noteworthy … Continue reading

Crystal Bridges: Museum Of American Art

Crystal Bridges, Northwest Arkansas, Museum, Arkansas, Travel

Crystal Bridges A few weeks ago I went to Northwest Arkansas with my mom to see Listen To Your Mother and while we were in the area, I visited Crystal Bridges for the first time. Crystal Bridges is a Museum of American Art that opened in Northwest Arkansas in 2011.  Located about 30 minutes north of Fayetteville (home to The University of Arkansas), the museum is off the beaten bath, surrounded by forests. I’m pretty sure all of the art museums I’ve ever visited have been in cities, so it’s unusual for sure, but also really beautiful.  The drive into … Continue reading

First Flights

photo by Jacob Slaton Do you remember the first time you ever flew on an airplane? When you first felt the now everyday miracle of accelerating down the runway and then the nose of the aircraft lifting up into the air? Just like that.  All of a sudden, you are flying.  Houses below you become smaller and smaller, until they look like toys and then like ants on the ground.  Soon they disappear altogether below the clouds. Puffy white pillows of condensation outside your window seat. Honestly, it still amazes me when I fly.  I am like a little kid … Continue reading