Summer Harvest Menu

Summer Harvest Menu, Summer Squash, Purple Hull Peas, Tomato, Okra, Cornbread

We are having a absolutely FAB summer, but I have to say, I am still missing hot, hot summer in Arkansas. I know that sounds crazy, but it just does not quite feel like summer without daily trips to the pool and constantly dripping of sweat. Other things I miss include Arkansas tomatoes, purple hull peas and okra! A plate full of foods that taste their very best when harvested in the hot Southern summer is something we would have regularly around my parents’ table. So if you find yourself with an overabundance of summer squash or juicy tomatoes, this … Continue reading

Homemade Insect Repellent

Homemade Insect Repellent

When the temperatures warm up, the bugs come out to play, but we still want to be outside!  Solution: Homemade Insect Repellent! When I was out in the garden last week, I tried some homemade insect repellent that my friend, Sandy, had made.  I loved the way it smelled, so I asked her for the recipe and made some for my family. Turns out, it is super easy to make your own all natural homemade insect repellent!  Try it! Sandy used olive oil in hers, but I used soy oil because I am taking my bottle with me to learn … Continue reading

Conference Style {WIWW}

I am linking up with Lindsey today for What I Wore Wednesday, Conference Style Edition. Most of these pictures are from the Arkansas Women Blogger Conference.  The Ozark Folk Center was a fun setting for photos. Whitney and I love to plan our clothes for a getaway, and she took all of these pictures for me while we were there. Photos by Whitney Loibner       I picked up these white pants on sale at The Loft recently and I have loved them! And this striped shirt was from the sale table at Sam’s Club last week for $4.91. … Continue reading

at home

So we’re pretty excited around the Chino House to have this guy back!  He lead a backpacking trip for students in Colorado after we left.  Here he is coming down from climbing Mt Wilson. We might have stayed out there with him, but we had to come home early to start school! We now have one week under our belts and are beginning to get back in the swing of a schedule.  It’s kind of brutal to start school in July, but it means we get a fall break in less than two months. I’m very much looking forward to … Continue reading

Grateful for A Week with Cousins

My sister and her kids came in town last week to get a little bit of Arkansas and a whole lot of cousin time into their summer.  We spent four days all together and then the older kids headed off to Discipleship Camp with Taido while we took the younger ones over to Hot Springs. It’s always so fun for all the cousins to be together and I’ve been compiling a list of the sweet memories I’m grateful for from this visit! (PS, this post would be no fun without the wonderful instagram skills of my family and friends, Whitney, … Continue reading

the times they are a changin’

…at the chino house. Because my babies are growing up.  I know that this should not surprise me.  But still it does.  It catches me off guard that my preteen does not want to hop in the car everytime I mention the library.  I feel a little lost when I realize that my children have stopped gathering around me like ducklings.  I still have one baby duckling of course.  Then there are the middle two that come and go, but are starting to be more independent.  And then there is the oldest, and he is trying to fly the coop. … Continue reading

last day

today is our last day of homeschooling. i am so happy about it. we are having a celebration, complete with cheesy little award certificates that i filled out last night. of course, the real awards are books, always books, for summer reading. we are having a celebration meal: pasta with puttanesca sauce (in honor of the baudelaires, who have moved in with us this spring), blueberry izzes, and brownies. we just have a little work to finish up this morning and then we can celebrate. i have been asked a lot lately if i am going to continue to homeschool. … Continue reading