Taos Mountain Crepes and Coffee

crepe stand, taos ski valley

With around 8 chairlifts (not including three beginner lifts), Taos Ski Valley is not a giant mountain, but there are still some great spots to stop in for a little mid-morning snack or a late afternoon coffee. Growing up I never used to stop while skiing.  My dad is of the throw-a-smashed-pb&j-in-your-pocket-and-eat-it-on-the-lift school of thought when it comes to eating on the mountain.  We only skied for three days every year, so why would you spend any of those precious moments sitting in a lodge? However, I am a little older (and slower) these days, so I can appreciate a … Continue reading

Snapshots of Taos Ski Valley

taos ski valley, snow camp in taos, ski camp, youth trips, spring break, family vacations

We have had an amazing week in the mountains here at Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico. I love being in the mountains at any time of the year, but this week’s spring sunshine on the snow has been just about perfect. This is our first year to go skiing that I have not had to carry someone (and all their stuff) up the mountain.  Friends, I am feeling the freedom of having left toddlerhood in the dust, and it is a pretty happy place. In fact, my legs are burning from all that freedom. And from trying to keep … Continue reading

spring break

For the first time since 2007, I did not go to Colorado with Taido for spring break. We split up just like we did five years ago.  Taido took the oldest (and Tara) with him for the always epic Snowcamp in Colorado and I took the younger three to see my sister in Wheaton, Illinois. My mom went with me and we got an early start on Friday morning so we could be at Anna and Robert’s by suppertime. My sister is the head pastry chef at a charming little spot called Honey and she does catering on the side. … Continue reading

worth the drive

Very soon I will be loading myself and  the three older Chinos up in a church parking lot teeming with high school students saying gruff goodbyes to parents, while we kiss our baby goodbye.  We will drive all night long and wake up in the mountains.  When I think about this soon-to-be-experienced moment of arriving, I can be a little more calm about the monumental task of getting ready to go.  Of course, my job of finding gloves and hats is nothing compared to the organizing and finalizing and fund-raising and calling, calling, calling that our fearless trip leaders have … Continue reading