bare necessities

This morning I started going through some of the writing I did this summer that I never got around to finishing or posting.  Because that is WAY more fun than laundry and unpacking.  (I shoved all the piles into Simon’s old room and closed the door.  It is Simon’s OLD room because do you think for a minute that after he slept in the pop up camper all summer with his whole family that he is going to go back to being ALL BY HIMSELF?  I mean, before I shoved all of our junk in there, it felt a big … Continue reading

so we’re home

i’m shellshocked. happy, sad, laughing and crying.  all. at. once.  i feel just a weensy bit crazy.  crawling out from under the piles and trying to comfort simon who is expressing his sibling abandonment by following me around crying ALL DAY LONG.  really, he just brought me a picture of cole and was like WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM?? i know honey, i miss him too.  and he’s probably like being eaten by rodents in a dungeon or something.  should we just go get him? all this rain kinda makes me want to take a nap in the pop … Continue reading

finding home

Taido posting today… I had another post sort of set and ready to go, but it was way too colored by the sense of incompleteness I’m feeling in being separated from Alison for two weeks. While I’m certain you would have loved insight into what has sometimes been described as a slightly inaccessible psyche, that day is not today. However, I would like to acknowledge what a rare and wonderful gift this summer has been for me. This journey began largely because a group of saints saw fit to extend to me (and my family) a study sabbatical. Funny how … Continue reading

ticket, ticket, who’s got a ticket?

Here’s an understatement for ya… My kids are ready to be home. We’ve been on the road since Memorial Day weekend, and they are just done.  Done.  Mary Polly has been lobbying for several days now to just drive nonstop until we get there. The boys seem to be communicating their readiness to be out of the car by constant fighting and/or whining. The noise level in the van was beginning to be unbearable, and it was threatening to put Mother and Daddy over the edge. So, yesterday morning Daddy cut up a Yellowstone flyer and gave each child three … Continue reading

the grand (de)tour

Let’s just say that blogging from the road in the last week or so has been a challenge. Besides the previously mentioned computer issues (toddlers and laptops are a bad combination), we have been on the go in a way that has just not allowed for finding internet or even writing. Let me see if I can paint the picture for you. Aug 19 Woke up in Bellingham, Washington Fell asleep in Jasper, Alberta Aug 21 Woke up in Jasper, Alberta Fell asleep in Lake Louise, Alberta August 23 Woke up in Banff, Alberta Fell asleep in Glacier National Park, … Continue reading

quick update

Sorry, I’m not a very good blog hijacker. More like a sit-in. Anyway, the Glaciers and Grizzlies post from Alison is likely the last we’ll have from her before the epic journey wraps up on Friday. Don’t worry. Everyone is ok. Everyone that is except for the ‘loaner’ laptop. You may remember that earlier in the summer some Seattle-ite took it upon him (or herself) to un-encumber us of our brand new laptop. A generous family member sent a spare computer our way, and the posts have been coming steady ever since. Until a couple of days ago. One of … Continue reading

Canadian Rockies Tour

canadian rockies tour, glaciers, banff, icefield, jasper to banff highway

Canadian Rockies Tour: Of Glaciers and Grizzlies I am currently in the Canadian Rockies with my four children and my parents. Oh yes, Taido got a relief driver and gave us the slip so he could study without interruption for the final two weeks. So far he has missed a lot of time in the van on the road with insanely loud Chinos and several nights of setting up, camping and taking down in the rain. I know he’s really kicking himself. On the bright side, we have seen five bears. We saw a mama bear and her two cubs … Continue reading

nobody move, nobody gets hurt

This is a blog hijacking! Alison and the kids hit the road yesterday, leaving me all by my lonesome at the Bellingham train station. It took me pretty much the rest of the day to recover from the shock of watching my family pull away in the BMV with pop-up in tow.  It was so early that it was still dark.  And it was raining.  Get the picture? And now, I’m back in Vancouver for two weeks to finish up my studies at Regent. But the blow of abandonment was softened some by my Vancouver hosts, who are redefining the … Continue reading


So we didn’t have our new camera yet when a mosquito turned Simon into a miniature boxer in Crater Lake, so we arranged for it to happen again last week at North Cascades National Park. Only believe it or not, it was worse last time. He is drinking his soy milk from a new cup we got at Starbucks last week that says on it I went everywhere today. Surely no other two year old could possibly be more worthy to drink from this cup.