Two Weeks in Colorful Colorado

So as I’ve been going through pictures, I realized I never put up all the pictures from our trip to Colorado last summer.  I even had the ones for the blog all picked out and in a folder. I know what happened. Every year, when our time is up in the Rockies, I drive home while Taido stays in Colorado for more adventures.  Our kids all start school just a couple of days after we get back.  We miss open house.  We throw together some school supplies and last year’s uniforms.  The kids go back to school.  We’re all exhausted, … Continue reading

crested butte yoga

If you’ve been following me since our last visit to Crested Butte, you know that I enjoy some mountain yoga.  I went to four different classes the last time I was here, and wrote about every single one of them. When we first arrived, I went to check the schedules at the studio I went to last time and sadly, it had been transformed into an art studio with a pottery painting venue underneath.  No more wheat grass juice bar.  No more bikram yoga. So it took me a day or two to make it over to the new (to … Continue reading