the five best books i read in 2009

There are lots of these kinds of lists going around right now. So here’s my book picks of the last year. It was hard to narrow it down. So…here goes! Ok, this is a children’s book, but I read A LOT of children’s books so I had choose at least one.  I have made all the adults in my family read this though and everyone agrees.  Not to be missed. I read this after accompanying Mary Polly’s class to Central High. I almost killed my book club with this one, but this book is worth every single one of it’s … Continue reading

long shadows

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote the introduction to Daisy Bates’ memoir about the Little Rock Nine, which was first published in 1962.  In it, she boldly states, Every American should read this book. I could not agree more.  In fact, I think it is true of both of these books. And of Arkansans it is doubly true. And if you are an Arkansan living in Little Rock, well…maybe reading these stories will bring healing. Healing that clearly has not truly occurred since 1957 as was made evident in the brutally honest look at what public school in greater Little Rock is like … Continue reading